• Yes, It Does

    As with many things in life, taking care of problems when they are small usually results in the avoidance of much larger and costlier problems down the road. Health care is no different. Taking care of your health when it is only a minor issue can save thousands of dollars, as opposed to waiting for a major crisis and dealing with the problem then.

  • Yes, it can

    Taking medicine as a preventative measure can greatly help when it comes to saving money. For example, the women in my family tend to have a horrible inner ear problem. Many of them take maintenance medicine even when not under a flair up in order to keep it at bay. This cuts down on costs due to missed work and other medicines.

  • Yes, It Will

    Preventative measures always save money when it comes to public health care. Instead of scrambling to solve health crises after they occur, we can implement programs and preventative policies that will help things improve before they get out of hand. Issues like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease can be prevented in many cases, which will save lots of money on the long run.

  • It Saves Money

    Preventive care definitely saves money. It allows people to get care and health services early and at a cheaper price. That leads to money not being spent to deal with health issues later down the road. You can not see preventive care saving money initially, but with time you can see it.

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