• Yes They Will

    I believe previous encumberments on a property can affect its resale value. Encumberments must be listed when transferring property and the information must be relayed to the new buyer. And encumbermant must be resolved before it can be striked from the record. Once they are solved, they shouldn't have any bearing on resale value as there is no longer any encumberments to report.

  • In most cases, yes

    In most cases, previous encumberments on a property will affect its resale value. That is why potential buyers try to find out anything and everything about a property before they purchase it. Anything that happened in the history of the property can possibly save them money on the purchase, especially if they can use it against the sellers.

  • Yes, encumberments ona property will affect its price.

    I definitely think that the previous encumberments on a property does affect its resale value. I think that a lot of things can affect the price of a property and when a property has something such as an encumberment, it cannot help at all. Such things are something that buyers are wary of.

  • No clear title.

    Yes, previous encumberments on a property will affect its resale value, because a person can never be 100% sure that they have clear title to the property. With previous encumberments there might be a lot of people who claim that they have claim to the land, or the right to do a particular thing on the land.

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