Will printed magazines and newspapers dry up in the next decade as a result of the popularity surrounding online content?

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  • Not immediately but gradually it's going to happen

    Internet is the fastest communication in today’s world. It’s true internet having worldwide news and not just the local news, is an advantage to who are using internet to fetch news. It has changed our culture. On internet you get all the news you need,whether it is local or an event happening somewhere faraway in other land. People are kept up-to-date with receiving news on internet. Its like something happened and in seconds you are updated on internet with that news going viral and people getting informed. Earthquake, with technology people are immediately informed when information is fed on internet . The motive of newspaper is to cover maximum people with news at economical cost. For a single page of paper 10-15 trees are cut,and for creating tons of paper there would be endless cutting of trees. So, using internet is one kind of saving environment , and after all getting news on internet is free of cost. Internet is time saving(as you get any information on the spot), energy saving(there is no need of hard work,as it is fed by a people and least energy is needed),and environment friendly. It is too easy get any information on internet and more people prefer that, and it is like carrying hundreds of newspaper and magazine on a device
    The point is not now, but in future, gradually it’s the death of newspaper getting replaced by Internet

  • Push technology supplant

    From my perspective, newspapers will become the thing of past on the horizon. We can subscribe to whatever magazine or newspaper we would like to read and at the same time it is really cheap. When deforestation is in its high level, making an effort to print newspapers is not good. Having said that, we should take into consideration technophobians as well

  • It's Just Too Easy

    It is easy and immediate. To get content of a specific nature and to be able to drill down from the article via a hyperlink. If they ever produce a magazine zine format tablet it will be over in a heartbeat. I would never look back if I had a magazine-style display. That is a bifold display the same size as a regular magazine.

  • Obviously going to happen.

    The fact is - you can have an almost unlimited amount of magazines on your tablet or smartphone, and there are so many benefits to this. Firstly, it saves an awful lot of paper and ink, and secondly, it's so much easier when you can carry hundreds of magazines and newspapers on one electronic device, where with physical magazines it would take dozens of separate bags or boxes.

  • It's Already happening

    Look at the numbers, I live in Canada where the most recent numbers from our biggest papers are showing profits are dropping from 60-75 percent in one quarter: when you are bringing in 300 million (only) in revenue, and your "profit" is 4 million , and your stock offerings are now down to 50 cents a share, time is up ladies and gentlemen. I can speak here, but elsewhere, print newspapers is going to be dead in this country in 10 years.

    BTW, I notice that many of the "no it won't" aren't quoting any numbers, but its more of a "it wouldn't be right" comments-look at the numbers at sites that deal with newspapers dying, you can google them-the numbers don't support what you are saying-newspapers are dead, it's just a matter of time.

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Media is taking to the internet, and it's easier and cheaper to acquire. With internet news, you can also read the insights of other readers, whereas with magazines this is impossible through written communication, and only verbal communication would suffice. The internet is a new and powerful platform for all kinds of media, and it has quickly outdone the paper printing business.

  • people are becoming lazy

    because it is now easier to find news content online people no longer require the need to go out and buy news papers, everyone nowadays looks for the easiest option for evetything, which means sooner or later no one will wish to go out and buy anything, all things will die that require effort, where as the internet is simple quick and easy, everyone can use it, and understand it .

  • Online content will likely force the closure, or at least the reduction of, printed magazines and newspaper, because the popularity of the Internet continues to trend upward.

    Over the last decade, the market has seen a huge reduction in the circulation of newspapers and magazines. At the same time, there has been a huge increase in online consumption of information. This trend is likely to continue, going forward, as the popularity of tablet PCs and handheld readers increases. The immediacy of the Internet trumps the old style of waiting for a newspaper or magazine to publish.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Yes, because fewer and fewer people are signing up for subscriptions.

    I truly believe that newspapers, not so much magazines, will be a thing of the past in a decade or so. I mean, look at bills. More and more companies are getting rid of paper billing. Banks and other companies are already getting rid of paper statements. I am sure if a study was done, it would find that more people are checking the news and reading it online, rather than reading it in a newspaper.

    Posted by: 5h4yGlory
  • No, there are too many older people who prefer to hold it in their hands.

    Even though it looks rather grim, I believe there is a large segment of the population that prefers a newspaper or magazine they can hold in their hands, take into the bathroom in the morning, stretch out on the bed with, read on long trips, things like that. It's a morning ritual for a lot of people to step outside, get their newspaper, and sit down with a cup of coffee and catch up on the news. Booting up a computer, even a laptop, cannot replace that feeling. I really hope that the press doesn't succumb to the economic pressure of putting things out in print versus online. A lot of people would be lost if this happened.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Too much of it; too useful

    There is so much paper-media today, besides all the digital media surrounding it, not to mention how useful it can be at times. Not all people have wifi-let alone the technology to use! In my opinion, I'd rather have a book or magazine in my hand rather than looking at a screen. And this is coming from a 14-year-old who was born into this tech-savvy era!!

  • Quality will be the best way to straighten the printing press

    As far as I'm concerned, I think the printing press won't disappear in its entirety. Read some news is taking behaviors : the smell of the newspapers, the touch of the magazine, they are meaningful for me and a lot of people. Some magazines can't be reduced to a PDF document. There is this bastion which means quality and will survive. Sure, some printings will decrease because new generations are keen of new technologies, this can't be avoir, yet believe in some magazines and newspapers to keep going on their printing format.

  • They are to dependable to lose

    Paper print is so much more dependable than any tablet. I don't care how long the battery life is a piece of paper will outlast it. They are also a lot better for your eyes than a bright screen is. They also don't require an internet connection which limits your access to the news in many places. Having a print copy also ensures that you have an unchanged copy of the original article allowing you to better track any changes to the news.

  • No not at least in the next tow decades

    Since people are most likely to keep what ever they inherit from their ancestors they pay more attention to the old version . Most of the people are not happy with reading in website they feel more comfortable reading on paper than reading online.So printed magazine will not die in fact never online magazine can replace the traditional one

  • Not in 10 years, but it's coming

    News papers are certainly in decline, but plan on them being around for the next 20 years. I imagine that in ten years there will only be half as many readers as there are now and this will result in the shuttering of many newspaper companies, the strongest will step up and be around twenty years from now, in all likelihood there will be a few big newspapers (Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, etc) that will last even longer than twenty years and their focus will be much more on national news than local news, these will be the only options for people who still want a physical newspaper. Perhaps in the next 30 years the demand will become so weak that there will truly be no newspaper anymore, but it isn't going to be 10 years from now.

  • Difficult I say

    You never can't register a data at an ease like print media. If repeated reference is needed existing devices never allow you to access easily but print media. You can't read with these modern devices out without the charge of 'power'. So just assume when dramatically power access is happened out of reach for several days ? Just unthinkable!

  • Not a chance in hell!!!

    Though I'm a new generation who is stuck with internet but I like reading novels and newspapers more than reading online. U see, there is electromagnetic field when u turn on computer and it's very bad to health. And as we grow older our eyes going dark and can't read letters on computer for a long time. Everyone wants to live a happy life, and it's the longer the better. Internet may be good but printed papers will never disappear. It's not sth like trend but it's classic.

  • Its a good question

    But My Answer remains a big NO !! Because even am at the trend setting online generation, i prefer only the printed magazines or papers rather than going with electronic, because of its natural benefits to eye. And i also read online News but only for the references and to update the headlines. Thank you.

  • Newspapers and magazines will never die

    When you get older yours eyes will start to hurt after looking at the screen for hours.Also your going to have to rely on a battery and it might die.But anthor the bad thing is that people use the internet more often.Alos lots of people jobs will be loss because they turn down newspaper

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