Will professional soccer ever catch on in America?

  • Professional soccer will catch on to a degree in America

    Now professional soccer is a major global sport in Europe Asia and Africa ans soon in the USA as a lot of former professional soccer players are forming new teams in the United States. For example, Former England captain David Beckham said he is "living a dream" as he outlined his plans for a new Miami-based Major League Soccer franchise, which will lead to the spread of professional soccer within America.

  • Professional soccer ia already catching up in the US

    Today there are 15 channels showing soccer games in the US, as opposed to 2 or 3 just 10 years back. The quality of professional soccer has been steadily climbing. Ebnglish professional teams are starting satellite professional teams for the US soccer league (MLS) , so that's a good sign too. Within a generation, soccer would have displaced baseball in this country. Already there are more soccer followers than hockey followers.

  • Professional soccer will definitely catch on in America.

    I think this in inevitable. Soccer is the most popular game in the world, and even though most Americans don't know of it, doesn't mean that it's a permanent truth. Soccer is arguably the most healthy mainstream sport. With little to no contact the players run out all their energy and have fun doing it. 50 years ago it would've been crazy to suggest that jogging and other fitness routines would have become main stream and hip, and now it is hard to imagine it not being what it is today.

  • Professional soccer will catch on to a degree in America.

    It may never become as popular as professional American football, basketball, or baseball, but professional soccer will most likely develop a decent following among Americans. One reason for this is international immigration to the United States which brings more fans of the game into the country and increases the exposure of soccer.

  • Americans already have their exciting sport.

    Americans already have the exciting sport they need in their country. The United States is on a high with football, and when soccer tries to show up big, us 'Mericans will be bored with it. The contact cannot be rivaled, and the excitement that goes with it. There is more scoring with football, and more that goes into the game.

  • No, professional soccer wil not catch on in America.

    I believe that professional soccer will not catch on in America. One reason I think it won't catch on is because it is not as popular as professional football, baseball or hockey. I think it is considered a sport for kids and high school age kids and just a hobby for adults, so it won't be a professional sport.

  • No more ties

    Soccer won't catch on in the USA because we like a winner and a loser. Ties do not work. Every 5 years or so when there is a tie in the NFL it sucks. Come up with a system to break the tie. Soccers tie breaking system in important games is messed up too though. A shootout from 11 meters away into a 7 meter wide net. That goalie has to make up his mind before the kick happens as to where he is going. He can't cover the entire net from that range. Therefore, if the worse team can just hold a tie until the shootout they have a good chance to beat the better team. I won't even mention the clock never stopping.

  • No, not the way other sports have.

    Professional soccer has a following in the U.S. already. However, it will never be as popular as baseball or football. Americans are creatures of habit, and it's unlikely that we will abandon the sports we have always loved for soccer. Most Americans see soccer as football's boring step child. It seems unlikely that it will ever gain a huge following.

  • Americans Don't Care About Their Football

    Professional Soccer will never be big in America. There are too many other sports that dominate in this country. Americans like their sports violent and with a lot of scoring. Soccer does not fulfill that need for American sports fans like football, basketball, and baseball do. Professional hockey is even dying out in the states so I know for a fact that soccer has no chance.

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