• Yes they will

    Yes they will. Thr China protesters already have hurt the China economy. The Hong Kong stock is already dropping sharply. The protests will not work or get out of hand. Think about it it is China protesters wanting a demcoracy in a Chinesse communist goverment. If it gets out of hand they will kill everyone.

  • Loss of productivity will always rebound in economic default

    The appearance of protesters is a direct indication of work not being completed. For every protested there are myriads of tasks not being completed efficiency. Even if there are temporary allowances made by substitute workers there will surely be a loss when filling in the void, Whenever there is a number of dissatisfied protesters the immediate response should be negotiation in order to reach at least a temporary resolution so that the economy does not suffer due to loss of productivity.

  • They Already Are

    The protesters in Hong Kong already are damaging the economy because the market is falling there slightly due to worries over the protests. That shouldn't stop them for protesting and people shouldn't want them to stop for that reason. I wish more people could stand up for their rights here in America like those people are doing in Hong Kong.

  • Protesters will harm the economy in Hong Kong.

    I fully believe there will be an economic crisis brought on by the occupy protesters in Hong Kong. They are costing Hong Kong a fortune to maintain some sort of peace on the streets. Between the manpower, tear gas and sheer disruption of their presence, business is sure to have an affect.

  • The Damage is done

    I feel that the protest is taking place due to the economy. I know that is an obvious observation, however with that being said. I think the protest's are the beginning of change and now things should start improving. Everyone knows of the situation and those people think of this situations very important. With that being said it time to begin the healing and start fixing what caused the protest to begin with.

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