• He already is

    Psy is already a one-hit wonder. Gangnam Style was awesome, but that is one of his only songs I know. I only know Gangnam Style and Gentleman. And Gentleman wasn't even that good. I need more words, though, so I am typing this sentence right now on my laptop computer.

  • Talented Not Talented?

    Fantastically brilliant, explodes on the scene. ATB had catchy tunes and could keep different beats coming back. PSY was SO GOOD that everything else has to be measured to GANGNAM STYLE. It is probably the hardest act to follow EVER. How can it be topped?

    I hope he can topit

  • His got a unique style.

    Psy would be a best one hit wonder. He is good artist with sense of humor. His style has got more recognition then his lyrics. And its not like his just making stuff up, his really putting in some work to design his music. I definitely thing that psy would be a one hit wonder.

  • Oppa what does the fox say

    What does the fox say is the new thing ( that song is annoying) his only chance is a new and boss song for 2014. Lets face he is a hugely immense one hit wonder! He will never be taylor swift or justin bieber .Barely anyone sings his song any more! He also lost a ton of fans because most were kids and gentleman was entirely inappropriate and was an embarrassment to himself. I can not help but notice he took of that lady's bra.

  • Psy one hit wonder

    Yes, Psy is a one hit wonder, because first of all I wonder how he was a hit in the first place. The main reason Gangnam Style became popular was because of the video on youtube and the unique dance moves in it. First of all he is not good looking, he is a rapper and therefore doesn't have a nice voice either...So what does he have going for him? His humor? I personally found Gentleman humor in bad taste...~anyways~ the only reason Gentleman got the views it got was because many people were interested in seeing if he was going to make something great or flop. Besides even when Gangnam Style was at it's peak, rarely did anyone know who it was by nor did they care to know.

  • Welcome To One Hit Wonderland!

    It's never a good idea to kick-start your career with one great song that's gonna overshadow all of your rest... PSY never intended to do that and I feel for him... But sorry to say,
    Welcome To One Hit Wonderland!
    Please enjoy your stay and don't embarrass yourself trying to rectify this. Gentleman has flopped!

  • His song is like the Macarena

    Cheesy but fun and catchy, Gangnam Style was a popular song on the airwaves of America. His new song has been out for a while but I still havent heard it on the airwaves and that says something. Bye, PSY. His single was fun but his style isn't enough to battle the mainstream western music magnates.

  • PSY is a one hit wonder, he has to admit it.

    PSY is a one hit wonder. Only one of his songs is playing on the radio. In fact it hardly plays on the radio anymore. To be honest Gangnam Style wasn't that great. Yes it was popular but he is a one hit wonder. That new song he has doesn't play on the radio, and all the hype of Gangnam Style went down. He will always be good in Korea but not in America.

  • Yes, he definitely will be.

    For some reason, I don't know why, people actually liked gangnam style, being unique, I guess. But this type of unique is the most direct type, and only belongs to this particular song. I think we all have a strong instinct that none of his other songs will have anywhere near as much of an effect.

  • Yes Psy will be a one hit wonder

    His new song gets no air play. His song is like the macarena, so cheesy and fun but not serious. He will probably still be popular in korea, but not in America. Plus he is getting old already and his music is very nitche. Sorry thats how i feel. Psy will be a one hit wonder.

  • What about his other songs

    Gangnam style was one of the biggest songs in the U.S. and is the most viewed video in the history of youtube. While it is hard to top a song like that he as other hits like gentleman and Daddy, even though they don't even reach the level of Gangnam style.

  • Read dis important!!!!

    What are you people thinking? One thing I don't like about people these days is that most of them are smart academically but stupid socially!!! We're all gonna die in 10 years!!! PS PSY has another hit called gentlemen. RATE THIS ANSWER CUZ ITS AMAZING AND IT THE VERY TRUTH.

  • No, he was popular in Korea way before Gangnam Style

    Psy released many songs before Gangnam Style, many of which were extremely popular in Korea. These songs include Right Now, Champion, and others. In the US, Psy maybe is a one hit wonder, but in Korea he has always been a popular singer and entertainer. Gentleman is also very popular, to call him a one-hit wonder would be wrong.

  • No, Gentleman has already slayed the Billboard charts

    Even though I consider "Gangnam Style" as a great hit, and I thought he would never be able to release another song like it, I think I was wrong. "Gentleman" is as awesome as "Gangnam Style" and has already topped lots of charts plus came on 5th on the Billboard Hot 100. In 3 days, it had already been viewed 3,000,000 times on YouTube. PSY definitely won't be a one-hit wonder.

  • He is a genius

    Well first of all, Gentlemen did not do well only because there was no catch phrase or words we catch on to unlike Gangnam Style which had the "Oppa Gangnam style." But Psy will probably realise his mistake and make a new song maybe better than Gangnam Style but the audience has to find something to like obviously.

  • Gentleman is going strong

    Psy's been in the industry long enough to have a sense of how this works. He's worked hard to get rid of the label "one hit wonder" and he's succeeded. Gentleman even set a new world record. Everyone's still talking about Psy. He'll last long and prosper in the American music industry.

  • He is very smart and lucky

    Psy got lucky but also he worked so hard to please his audience in S. Korea. He has been a B rated pop musician for a decade, but suddently his success with GS put him above all other S.Korean pop singers. One thing he said was if you get tired, you lose and if not, you will win. He's been popular longer than most top Korean pop singers and he is here to stay not just in S.Korea but in the states and Europe where he seemed to be more popular. So he may banish from the US scene someday but in the regions of Europe and Asia as he is still entertaining to many despite some harsh lyrics he sang some 8 years.

  • Gentlemen showed up!

    Well, I guess most of us thought he for sure was meant to be a 1 hit, but look at "Gentlemen", it's already a widespread sensation (all over again), and it's breaking some records already. In my opinion it's better than "Gangnam", but I guess only time will tell if it becomes greater than the +1.5 billion viewed hit.

  • No, I think he has another song or two in him.

    This question is currently a moot point as PSY has already released a new song called "Gentleman" which has receive a positive reaction. It's nearly as catchy and has a fun new dance to go along with it (that and the Hammer pants he's wearing). I believe that he may still have another song or so to share with us before he vanishes from the American attention span. Hi videos are fun, regardless of their language and the dances and antics he comes up with are highly entertaining. In our current generation of meme communication, he's likely here to stay.

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