Will putting an end to sexism help the world progress faster?

  • Yes!! Of course we need to end sexism before the world can progress. We are half the population after all!

    As a woman I feel that we are taking steps backwards with regards to sexism. In the western world where women are 'supposedly' free, sexism is covert, hidden in plain sight inside a multitude of magazines and newspaper articles, adverts & music videos to name but a few. The clear message from western society is still a woman's appearance and physical body are where her only value lies. For example, media focus on new mums is always on her 'post baby body', I hope I am not alone in finding this utterly insulting to all females. Surely the focus should be on how amazingly strong women are to give birth and nurture their children using their bodies rather than how their body 'looks' after they've completed such a great thing which they should feel extremely proud of. This is one of many injustices I feel are common place in western society. Despite believing ourselves to support feminist ideals and equal rights for women here in the western world, I believe that the overt disrespect, violent sentiments, derogatory and misogynistic views openly expressed and popularised in a vast proportion of our culture (see any number of current music videos for reference) are eroding the hard earned respect that women have fought so hard for. This culture of casually labelling women as 'bitches and hoes' is so commonplace that I cannot escape hearing these words repeated in almost every song played in every average nightclub I go to, to add insult to injury I am most likely having to endure being groped numerous times by men whilst attempting to dance and enjoy myself.. Why must we accept this as normal? So normal has this demeaning terminology become, that women have begun referring to themselves as 'bitches', In this respect the 'can't beat em join em' attitude only serves to perpetuate inequality. The only way we can take back our rightful power is to refuse to collude in our own suppression by rejecting and not buying into this type of misogyny if our world is ever going to evolve.

  • Yes, ending sexism will help society progress.

    How can we as a society expect optimum progress when we are underutilizing and in many cases repressing the talents and abilities of a solid half of the population? How does that make any sense? Of course it won't solve everything, as sexism isn't the only form of discrimination in the world, but it would be one step closer to a world where all citizens are engaged and have the ability to use their strengths to society's benefit.

  • It has to

    When one half of the world is deprived of the right to be educated, and use their minds to contribute to the better of society, then the world only has half (the male half) of it's potential in order.

    Females are the sex of each species that carry and produce the offspring, but their potential and contribution to human societies is far greater than just their children.

    If we could see people as people first and foremost, and simply look at sex as a biological thing, then yes the world would move forward quite quickly.

  • Yes, ending sexism will help the world progress faster.

    World War II put women to work in the United States and it made the country a huge foreign power. Most of the world is extremely sexist towards women. If all the countries of the world ended sexism, the world would have millions of intelligent minds added to its workforce. This would lead to new inventions and progress.

  • Yes, it's the only way forward

    Ending sexism will help the world progress faster. Equality and equal opportunities for all will lead the best and the brightest to focusing on working together and building new solutions for the future. When harmful negative stereotypes and discrimination are ended the world will be a better place and we will continue to evolve and grow.

  • Yes ending sexism will help the world progress faster

    Sexism and racism in its' various forms are two of the major things that keep this world divided and keep us from growing as a people and coming closer together. To end at least one of those, if not both of them, would be a huge step in the right direction as we'd no longer see what someone did based upon sex, but upon their own individual merits. That's how it should have been in the first place. So yes ending sexism will do much to help our world and the people in it progress faster.

  • Equality Makes the World Better

    Equal rights for women will make the world a better place. In today's modern society, sexism has no place whatsoever. Progress in the world depends on everyone and equal rights, equal pay and equality in general is one of many things humans can do to move forward. When men realize women are equal partners and can do anything men can, the world starts to be a better place.

  • Yes, but only if both sexes are no longer discriminated against.

    It is often overlooked that men who are not in power (the majority) are also discriminated against, but in a different way from women. Men are viewed as expendable, given worth only when made a corpse in the name of patriotism or as beasts of burden working to fund the state. When they are no longer viewed as such and women are also viewed as true equals and no longer as commodities, inferior or as sexual objects there will be less conflict. While eliminating sexism would help reduce many blockades against societal progress there would still be many other causes for violence between various groups, but in the end the world would be a much better place.

  • Sexism

    If there was ever an end to sexism in sight and if men could ever truly hear the ideas of women, the world could definitely progress and move forward faster. Sexism hinders progress because the opposite sex does not want to hear what the other sex has to say. Take gender and sex out of the equation and we will move forward a lot faster.

  • Women are just as guilty of sexism!

    As a woman I feel the need to let the world know that women are just as guitly of sexism. If you marry or get pregnant because you want a place to live, someone else's income to spend freely, or you just want a cushy divorce, you are a sexist, an abuser, and a horrible person. You probably don't know who you are because women make up all sorts of reasons why they do the things listed above but in truth, look around you. How many women are truly in love with their husband/boyfriend? How many are there just waiting for a better opportunity?

    How can we create a new humanity when the forerunners of social change promote abuse, racism, and sexism against classes who are defenseless? This is clear Racism, Sexism and Abuse promoted freely in public places. What would happen to a straight, white man if he promoted this kind of abuse? If the answer is nothing then great. But if you think for a split second that they would be arrested, ridiculed, and strung up then you know this is wrong.
    California Green Party Promotes “free Slaps” For ‘straight White Men
    Friday, August 7, 2015 5:10
    California Green Party Promotes “free Slaps” For ‘straight White Men | Politics

  • Sexism is against men not women

    Men are far more discriminated against in western society Not in the middle east or Africa. Im just talking here in the west. Men lose their homes in 80% of divorces and in 80% they lose their homes and their children due to bias in culture and in law towards mothers. This utterly destroys mens lives. No wonder male suicides across the entire world are 4 times higher than womens. The amount of government money spent women is 4 times higher. From health especially. Charities support women by over 50 to 1 ratios. Its unbelievable how much more support there is for money in every single aspect of life. Where do battered or abused men go? Or men whose wives cheat or steal or destroy their property go? Where do men go when women get other men to beat them up? Women are allowed to make false accusations anonymously with no punishment at all. Yet can ruin any mans life with these false accusations. In every society or in the media. Women can say anything they like be it rude crude sexist or nasty about men and get away with it. Whereas men say anything and theyre called sexist dinosaurs and lose their jobs. I even saw a chat show once where women laughed about a man who died after having his penis cut off. It a mens show did this about a woman dying after a man damaged her vagina? Hed go to jail just for laughing. The west is spectacularly sexist against men

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