• You can't get rid of it completely

    I am only posting here because of the BLM Movementing spreading lies about stopping racism. You can't completely get rid of racism there will always be that one person who will call the other the n word but making a movement to guilt trip white people is not helping stop racism ether but rather making it worst.

  • Hopefully it will not be as prevalent. Government fuels racism. Special programs for minorities are good but incentives take from another race leaving bad feelings.

    If people were more educated, (educated might be the wrong word), If people did their own research and read the history and the memoirs of soldiers and the truth of Lincoln and the emancipation there outlook would be very different. You have to have been on both sides of this fence to understand. If you can debate both sides equally you have risen to a new level of understanding. There are multiple sides to the racism story and many distorted. As a human race we must acknowledge the superior traits of all races and come to terms that we are different in many ways but except it.

  • We only fight the racists that we refuse to shake hands with.

    There are many reasons people become racist and it's not always because their parents parroted racist views. Sometimes it's being attacked by members of another group other times it's because a job was given to someone on race and not merit, But personally I think the biggest reason is because we pick and choose who the racists are a white man attacks and kills a black man he's a racist. A black man attacks and kills a white man well the white man is at fault. It's rules for me not for thee.

  • I think like that

    Bence evet çünkü eğer o değilse başka bir şey sorun olurdu. YANİ zaten ırkçılık var ve ırkçılık bir sorun bunu hiç kimse değiştiremez. Beyaz ve siyahın farklılığıda ortada yani ırkçılık bir gerçek. I look some
    racism chart and ı saw a lot of people say YES. SO I THİNK YES.

  • It will never die

    Aside from the fact that subconscious biases are engraved into our minds
    There is also the fact that idiots care too much about it. Constantly bringing racism back into the light by using it as a factor in general arguments. . We choose to solidify it in society.
    Most arguments and opinions made by your everyday white male is not because you are black or asian or curry. . . Its just a general argument you would use on any human.
    Racism will never die because dumb bums like antifa, Black-lives-matter and all you softies keep on "falling victim" to racism and pulling that fragile label out of your asses just so you can gain sympathy points.

  • People Aren't Very Bright

    Most people are too stupid and lazy to judge people on an individual basis. Also, many people suffer from low self-esteem, so it gives them a confidence boost to think that people of different races are of lesser value. As long as these two factors remain, there will be racism.

  • Racism always exists

    As much as I hate racism. Racism will always exist unfortunately. As much as I don't want it to it will always be an issue in society. You 47% who say no are so naive. People will always hate a person who is different to them it's in our nature.

  • Racism is the need of mankind

    Race becomes of your breed not Where you are Born. A donky that comes in a Horse stable is still a donky and not a Horse.
    Nations are build by our ancestors. Can one of Some other country make a claim on what your grandparents have build?

    Hell fuck No!

  • The longevity of racism

    Racism is little more than a buzzword designed to alienate those who possess nationalistic views and are proud of their ancestry and heritage, could you imagine the outcry if a significant population of white people decided to emigrate to a predominantly coloured country, this has all come about because influencing factors such as the media and affirmative action have turned the white European men into a bunch of effeminate bitches ruled by a well paid up ruling caste who preach tolerance whilst living in their multi million pound gated communities disgusting.

  • Yes, because race is more than just skin color.

    There is ample evidence that different races differ not only in skin color, but other marked physical differences, differences in psychology, and the way we interact with the world. We evolved differently. People will naturally align with those of similar genetics in the larger scope. This is an excellent read on this particular subject and worth the time.


  • It will be stop eventually.

    Even though people want racism to end, we really can't anything unless we change first. Parents will try to teach their kids, but if those same kids see their parents do it, what clicks is: oh, so if my mom/dad does it, then I can do it to. So to get through to the kids, we need to change our own actions first.

  • If humanity increases it's intelligence over time

    If by some luck people Come to the idea of critical thinking and using evidence based reasoning then racism should not really exist. I think currently we are all too quick to come to irrational, emotionally lead conclusions without looking into our actual reasoning. I don't think it's impossible anyways.

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  • No It Won't

    Racism is slowly but surely going away as time passes and the older generation dies and the younger generation grows. As this happens the older ideals of "old America" become history as the new ideals of whats now modern America become stronger and more influenced in today's every day society.

  • Racism is a killer

    Racism destroys people's lives and if no one wants the major houlocast to repeat itself, then it should exist anymore. Those who are not white can do what white people can do too, if we destroy their lives our population decreases. It can happen to anyone. Treat others how you want to be treated.

  • Let's end racism.

    It is the devils plan to divide and conquer. We need to see all people as individuals . Show our love for each other on the inside. Love is not black or white. Let us see each other for who we are. This has nothing to do with the color of our skin. After all, who really knows what color Jesus skin was? Would it make any difference? I think not! Let's put racism in history and leave it there and move forward giving respect that iis so deserved and long overdue.

  • If we want to survive the collapse of our planet, we cannot afford to have racism.

    In some billion years, the sun will swallow Earth. We have to work together every innovator or else we will extinct. I think our will of surviving is stronger than our fear of each other. However, there is of course a long time until this happens, so it might be hard to imagine.

  • Racism will always be here in the USA

    Racism has been around for years, and will be around for longer. There's always gonna be that one person with a different opinion and vision. Everyone's opinions are different from another. People will always discriminate against different religions and skin colors and others open beliefs.Chelp U.S. Over come this problem.

  • More Cross-Racial Marriages

    Cross-racial marriages are so common now days - as they should, that eventually there will not be a large distinction between skin colour. At some point, though some people may have slightly darker skin colours and others will not have as completely dark, it will be almost impossible to have racism - unless people get extremely nit-picky. However, it obviously depends.

  • It Depends on What We Classify as "Race"

    Science and technology will continue to change humanity. There may very well be a time in the future where humans are merged with technology or some humans are chimeria hybrids. If transhumanism and genetic engineering come to pass/ advanced we will likely have an inferior vs genetically super society (not that I am against this per say) We may have robo humans fighting Manbearpigs in real life. In this case yes the genetically "perfect" would fight against the average people and the Manbearpigs of the future.
    Assuming we are just talking about contemporary race and culture I feel that there will be a point where the concept of pure race will be a curosity of the past.
    Maybe I've watched too much South Park, but one day people won't care about race and humans will just be humans. There will be other types of things to discriminate about but I think race may be fading away.

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