• Racism Will Never go Away

    As much as I am in favor for equality, It is not possible in this world. I am someone who treats all people as if they are one, but not all people are like that. Not all people agree with different backgrounds being able to get married. Many countries strongly only like their own people, and consider all who are not of them, or of their religion different, and or an enemy. One day revaluation will prevail but that will be someday down the road not now.

  • Yes, racism will always be part of society. It is intertwined with human emotions and human emotions can not always be controlled.

    Human emotions are greatly influenced by fear. So to say that racism will not be part of society in the future is to say that in the future humans that exist in society will no longer have any fear of each other or random events. Even if most people in society stop acting with ignorance there will always be groups that teach racism to its members. Some of the founders of racial groups are people that have suffered violent crimes from racial groups that they don’t belong to. As long as violence exists, fear will exist, and fear is the basis for racism.

  • We Could Overcome It - If We All Worked Together

    Yes, racism will always be an issue in society as long as we all continue to focus on racism instead of allowing it to die a natural death. Racism continues to exist because we allow it to. Let’s ask the media to report on minority families who live and work in integrated areas without experiencing harassment. Let’s tell gang members we will pay their way through college if they will leave their gangs and get their GED’s. Let’s stop constantly throwing gas on a fire that could die out of its own accord. Let us all work together in unison, all men and women.

  • Some people feel different then others.

    I think as long we are alive there will always be racism on this earth. We will always have two sides of story no matter what. We might be able to control it but it will not be stopped. There will always be people who feel that they are above some people. For these reasons there always be racism.

  • Yes yes yes

    At this time African Americans were treated differently from white people. They weren’t treated equally. Martin Luther King decided to change this. He led non- violence protests against this problem. Doing this was very dangerous though, he got arrested and his house got bombed. That is why racism is bad

  • The brain doesn't allow for it.

    There will always visibly be a difference between skin color. There will always be that difference. There will always be an us and them mentality. Racism wont be as apparent in say 50 or 100 years but subconsciously we will always think there is a difference. I am strongly in favour of eliminating racism but there will always be a difference.

  • We're hard-wired for it.

    Human beings (and nearly every other species as well) feel most comfortable (less threatened) when dealing with those most like themselves. It's innate .... Hard-wired into our being .... For survival. I believe, with time and experience, we can feel less threatened by those different than us but it will never completely go away.

  • It's human nature to trust those we identify with more.

    So when those times come of disagreement and conflict, race will more easily become involved, if it can become involved.

    That's human nature.

    We have the ability to rebel against what human nature compels us towards and decide that all people are equal in the eyes of God regardless of how we may feel.

    And it wouldn't matter anyway. If racism wasn't the issue, it would be something else.

    People can literally hate those who support another basketball team when both their support of their team, and those they hate only support the teams they do because of where they are. It's not even ideological, theological, or racism. It's simply location.

    We are inclined to trust those we more identify with and have suspicion for those we don't.

    It's actually sort of healthy in such a violent and uncaring world because it's what allows us to profile and catch those who might do us harm.

    We demonize profiling, but profiling is a fact of life. You aren't going to watch everyone because you'll miss those you should have caught. You're going to pay attention to those most likely to fit in with what you are looking for so that you can narrow your search and not be as likely to miss something.

    We are what we are, and that's just how it is. Likewise, we are obligated to use our intellect and understand when what we are compelled to do is nonsense and when it is wise.

  • As long as we don't look the same people will always be racist.

    Different races look and act different even on average they have higher or lower iq's.Like different breeds of dogs asians are good at math and learning.Blacks are good at sports whites are very good at inventing new things the world can use.But asians are good at taking white inventions and making them even better than before.

  • NO GOD Believers

    Therefore there will always be hatred. Jesus said how they hated Him And He is Holy, rather one believes this or not. Without God fearing ppl there will always be ignorance and hatred. Until ppl change their hearts and make up their minds that they are NOT going to permit Satan to rule over their lives and humble themselves that is the day for the miracle to begin of riding of racism. But the human flesh loves challenges and its just too bad that so many hate one another yet created by the same God-Creator! SAD!

  • For the United States, It probably will. For the entire world, It won’t.

    Overall, Racism will be a problem in the United States for the rest of its short life span. And it will be a problem in the world for the next thousands of years. But as borders and cultures change, The concept of race will inevitably fade away as race mixing occurs. There will still be prejudice, Bigotry, Discrimination, And oppression, But it won’t be based on race. Socities change, And struggle is constant, But racism has been created by humanity, And it can be destroyed by humanity.

    I don’t know whether “in society” means in the U. S. Or in the world as a whole, So I’ll answer for both. As someone of "mixed race" who has suffered from racial discrimination, I would LOVE to say that racism will someday not be an issue and that we can all live in a society where racism isn't an issue. By issue, I mean that racism exists at a level where it results in discrimination, Oppression, And inequality. In order to understand the question, We have to go through basic history and all of the dictionary and cultural definitions of racism. Then we have to define “race. ” And we have to evaluate human nature and a prediction or two about the future of race classification.

    Racism not being an issue in society doesn’t mean that all -isms are gone, Oppresion in nonexistent, Equity is achieved, And colorism doesn’t exist.

    First of all, "racism" is commonly said to have been created in the 1500s to justify the slavery of west Africans by Europeans. It was the idea that people of lighter complexions were inherently superior to people with darker complexions AND the power structure and system of oppression resulting from that. This is because the concept of "race" was created. Thus, In a sense, Racism was created pretty far along in the course of human history, Considering that humans have been around for 300, 000 years and "racism" as we know it was only created approximately 500 years ago.

    This has, In the United States, Led to slavery, Jim Crow laws, The War on Drugs, The mass incarceration of black people, Employment discrimination, Housing discrimination, Hate groups against black people, Self-reinforcing economic inequality between white people and black people, Among other things. The world and the United States have both changed dramatically over time.

    Secondly, We have to define what racism is. The definition of racism is controversial, And I'll evaluate the question for all of the ones I give. Dictionary. Com, As of the date that I'm writing this, Has three definitions of racism. The first definition of racism is, "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, Usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. " [contined]

  • Racism is a Sign of Evolutionary Unintelligence - As We Build More Rational and Fortified Natural Selection Processes, Racism Will Cease.

    Thus, If the human species learns to, On an evolutionary scale, Think critically about our differences - it may cease. Fundamentally, We do currently feel more secure around those who are most similar to ourselves. And despite what some believe, Research shows this cannot simply be changed with a few persuading phenomena. In fact, People who we are conditioned to relate to more are on the higher end of the "uncanny valley" making us more likely to trust them. However, As our species learns that these difference will no longer perceive a biological threat (This process is called Psychological Transhumanism) - we will slowly adapt to accept other homo sapiens and possibly other intelligent life.

    Cheers to intelligent life forms!

  • Comparing racism to sexism

    To be able to answer this question, you have to think about one other thing: can you see a future where sexism isn't a problem anymore? I mean women have also been treated badly forever and only recently really got a say in this matter. We are moving towards a more equal society and women have never had as much power over the world as they have today. So why can't it be the same regarding racism? I mean we'll (almost) always see it someone is female, as easily as if someone is of colour. And sure, there will always be an issue with some idiots holding on to old belief, but on the other hand there are still fucking flat earth believers today, so I mean..

  • If we all come together as one.

    If we all come together as one we could prevent racisim/There are many possible impacts of racism in the future as of young children being one of the major ones. If racial discrimination is still continued in the upcoming years, the less fortunate humans would get less of a chance of surviving. Income & Tax rates would rise and the price of homes & food would be higher. Jobs for these commitments will be harder to get as some companies might not approve of or accept certain ethnic groups. If the adults in the family don’t have any type of money to live, the younger members of the family will struggle and would be forced to go beg like the past. In Ireland, many decades ago, children as young as 5 were forced to go beg out in the streets risking their lives because of the much bigger men always rushing past to get their equipment and food to survive. Younger children may be taught about racism at a young age and also experience it in their upcoming years during education. Other families may not be particular to get along with another culture and teach their young ones to stay away. This causes to bullying and unfortunately, eventually as many teens are doing these days, self-harm and suicide. However, racism could be stopped and abolished in the future. High-class members of the government of 1st world countries can make certain rules and laws for everyone else to abide by. Parents should use harsh discipline ( Non - Violent) or teach ways to accept others for who they are. They should also teach their children ways to avoid racial discrimination on what to do or how to react if they are put in a situation or involved in an act of racism. Tell them the positive and more sensible things to do.

  • No way,people will soon understand why we look different

    These days we have more technology and now we or scientist know why our skin color is so different. When people migrated their skin color sort of adapted in a way. Plus, biologists or whatever have figured out we all came from Africa that saying Africa is the heart of Earth

  • It will be stop eventually.

    Even though people want racism to end, we really can't anything unless we change first. Parents will try to teach their kids, but if those same kids see their parents do it, what clicks is: oh, so if my mom/dad does it, then I can do it to. So to get through to the kids, we need to change our own actions first.

  • No, because no

    It won't because even the youngest of children are racist. And I don't believe this is going to change anytime soon. Plus everyone I know is racist in some way. As long as violence exists, fear will exist, and fear is the basis for racism. Just as aceman34 said. <3

  • Yes it does matter

    People are always going to be treated different but i think it will never go away it is going to happen and it is never going to stop but it does matter to people sxnsaxons sx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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  • If humanity increases it's intelligence over time

    If by some luck people Come to the idea of critical thinking and using evidence based reasoning then racism should not really exist. I think currently we are all too quick to come to irrational, emotionally lead conclusions without looking into our actual reasoning. I don't think it's impossible anyways.

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