• Yes, Radio Shack will close down because they are becoming irrelevant.

    Radio Shack will absolutely close down before the end of 2015, because they are no longer relevant. It's easier for consumers to find what they want or need online at a better price. Radio Shack is overpriced and doesn't offer the best selection of merchandise to begin with. They haven't followed trends and they are no longer a household name.

  • Radio Shack Running on Fumes

    Radio Shack has been going down hill for quite some time. I don't know where one is located anymore. There used to be one in the local mall, that has been removed.I don't see how they are making enough money to stay open very much longer. Good luck to them though.

  • Radio Shack To Close before 2015

    Radio Shack has seen a massive drop in profits since the start of 2013. With the rise of online sales, there seems to be very little need for their physical stores. They specialize in electronics and electronic components, which by their very nature are specific to the project being worked on. It is much easier for people to find what they need online. If Radio Shack were to try a more online approach to sales, they may not have to close forever.

  • I do not think Radio Shack will close by 2015.

    A number of people like to hold a product in their hands and compare it to another before buying. That can not be done online and stores like Radio Shack will continue to run as long as that remains true. Asking an employee and testing a product are also things that can not be done online.

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