• everyone is capable of a turn around

    RadioShack is RadioShack. It is a huge company and with being a huge company, anything is possible. There could simply be one sale, you change, and one cause that can make your company do a complete u-turn and get right back on the right track. And with tat being said, anything is possible.

  • Radio Shack has an outdated business model and a poor brand

    In its heyday, Radio Shack was able to compete with the local electronics store on stereos and TVs, and was able to carry parts for ham radio buffs and electricity aficionados that differentiated the store. The advent of the big box electronics stores plus Internet retailers has severely hurt its big-ticket item sales, and the kids who would have built their own radios 50 years ago now program computers. And both words in the name "Radio Shack" sound sadly out-of-date. It's difficult to see how the company will ever regain its previous stature.

  • Radio Shack Just Like Sears

    Radio Shack has passed its prime. Much like Sears, Radio Shack is a relic from a past time and likely won't recover. I can't think of anyone who goes to Radio Shack for anything, and I'm not sure I could tell you where one is where I live. Radio Shack is part of a bygone era now.

  • No, Radioshack will never be able to return to their previous status.

    In a bygone age, RadioShack was the outlet of choice for many of the latest hi-tech consumer gadgets of the day. A consumer wanting to find out about the newest trends would simply head down to RadioShack; indeed, there was hardly any other choice available for doing so. But now, with the Internet as a cheap and always up-to-date source of information, not to mention its use as a shopping outlet, RadioShack will never be the same again.

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