• RadioShack Going Out of Business

    RadioShack has had eye-boggling declining sales for the last couple years. At this rate, they will be headed for bankruptcy or out of business forever. The numbers speak for themselves, and they don't look good for this aging company. If they want to stay ahead of the game they must hire fresh faces with new ideas.

  • RadioShack will go out of businees within couple of years

    I do believe that RadioShack is in big danger of going out of business and that could happen within next two years. All the big electronic companies, even their competitior Best Buy, are struggling with the lower sales and I don't think RadioShack did everything they could to stay competitive in the market.

  • Yes, Radio Shack will go out of business.

    Radio Shack is essentially out of business already. They provide a service that only the elderly use. People like to buy their electronics online where they get a lot of product reviews, cheap prices, and they don't have to interact with teenagers. No one wants to pay for a middle man, which is why Radio Shack will be out of business soon.

  • Bye bye Radioshack

    Radioshack is considering filing for bankruptcy. Retailers rarely come back from bankruptcy. They usually liquidate and go out of business. With Amazon and other sites ruling the marketplace for all kinds of goods including electronics, many specialty chains are going under. First Circuit City, now Radioshack. What's next: Best Buy??

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