Will raising standards for teachers increase educational standards?

  • Students are often smarter than their teachers

    In Florida, the SAT requirement was abolished because many teachers couldn't break 840 (that's 40th percentile). So there were many high school teachers who couldn't get the same score as an average student at their school. Making it so teachers are at least as smart as their average student can only help. Right now, a degree in education is an embarrassment. The average blue-collar worker has more training and education.

  • No it wont

    No it will not students can chose whether they want to learn or no. If the teachers get more pay they will not want to teach. They will slack off with their students. I think technology is taking the place of teachers. So my answer will be no it wont

  • Teachers aren't the problem.

    If standards for teachers are raised any higher, teachers will not be able to function and educational standards will decrease. Students are suffering now due to the fact that teachers are consumed by implementing state-wide initiatives that take time away from creating stellar lessons that truly benefit the students. Teachers should only be expected to accomplish what is possible. Solving societies problems is not in the job description of a teacher and government officials need to realize that teachers are willing to help students as much as possible, academically, but they cannot change their home lives. If we, as a nation, want educational standards to increase, let's start with reducing poverty, not making excuses and blaming teachers for educational shortfalls.

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