Will Rajon Rondo's recent comments about the Bulls mark the end of his NBA career?

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  • Rondo shouldn't care about what others say about him.

    If Rajon Rondo retires because of what Wade and Butler say as well as beat reporters, he's an overemotional child who doesn't know what the fuck he did. Rondo is getting hate from teammates. Next time, suck it up. Basketball players are the soccer players of America: big fucking babies. Flopping, attacking on the media, and whining until they get a foul. The best and most respected are the ones that don't act like 5 year old children. That's why everyone loved Tim Duncan. If Rajon Rondo retires, it's because a washed-up veteran and a young punk are saying that he sucks.

  • Rondo's tenure with the Bulls may come to an end, but career is not over.

    Rajon Rondo is too talented and too young to completely be done in the NBA. Talented players, regardless of their attitude, tend to get second, third, and fourth chances in major sports, basketball included. Take Milton Bradley and Metta World Peace, for example. Rondo may find himself cut from the Bull roster come the offseason, but will find a new home.

  • People say things all the time.

    If all of the terrible things that Trump said during the campaign didn't stop him from becoming President, there is no way that Rajon Rondo's comments will ever stand in the way of his NBA career. It's more about what people do that can get them kicked out of the NBA. They shouldn't be hurt for just words.

  • Rajon Rondo's recent comments about the bulls will not mark the end of his NBA career

    Rajon Rondo's recent comments about the bulls will not marked the end of his NBA career. However, there is a strong likelihood that it ends his NBA career in Chicago. Which, quite frankly, I think is his exact intention. He wants out and watch the opportunity to make more money in a different market.

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