Will Rand Paul one day be elected as president of the United States?

  • Here he comes!

    Yes, Rand Paul will be elected president of the United States, because he is smart, like his father, only he is not as extreme as his father was, so his is someone that all Republicans can get behind. Paul made a name for himself with his amazing filibuster. He did a good job standing up for ordinary Americans.

  • No, he is too far right.

    Rand Paul, like other possible candidates who are to the far right, appeal to some people because they are scared of the way the world is going in terms of lifestyles and behaviors. However, this man, like those, is not going to make it to the presidency of the United States because the majority will see him for what he is.

  • Rand Paul does not have the backing of the middle to be elected.

    Rand Paul is too closely associated with his father, Ron Paul. Most voters see Ron Paul as extremist, returning America to an isolationist society, focusing purely on America and whittling down the majority of the government into toothpicks. Rand Paul will seem far right, too far for many Americans to believe he is good for the country. After the Tea Party manipulated the country into closure and possible default, the fear that Rand Paul will do much the same will persuade them to avoid electing him. Rand Paul could be popular with the people but he won't be popular with the party and they will never allow him to ascend to the top.

  • I Really Doubt It

    While Rand Paul is starting out toward the presidential bid, I have my doubts he will make it to the White House. He will run as a Republican and I feel the Republicans are in a lose-lose situation. I don't think they see eye to eye with the majority of the public and it is unlikely that a Republican candidate will win the next presidential election.

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