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  • It's time for America to go libertarian.

    I have started as a Democrat, then I saw how they wanted me dependent on government. As an American of Mexican descent, I don't want to be dependent on anyone. So I switched to Republican, because in Texas there is only Reps and Dems as a choice. Their principles are more in line with me, but the majority are career politicians and corrupt. They tell me what I want to hear when they run for office, but after elected, they do what the central bankers tell them. They're puppets. I think we should try something totally different, and give him a try. Why not, look at what we got when people decided(not I) to give the current occupant in the WH now. A divided nation. We are worst off, no matter how many lies and laws he breaks. We need to get ALL career politicians out, if we really want our Republic back.

  • It Is Possible

    I believe it is possible that Rand Paul may run for president in 2016, but I have my doubts he will make it very far. He actually has very little experience in the field of politics and I think that lack of experience will quickly be correlated to Obama's lack of experience. I also believe his association with the Tea Party will be very damaging.

  • Yes, Rand Paul will run for president in 2016

    Yes, the Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul will run for US President in 2016. First, he has the foundation of supporters that was created by his father running for President 3 times (once as a Libertarian candidate). Second, he has already begun attacking Hillary Clinton, who is most likely to be the Democratic candidate.

  • Yes, I think Rand Paul will run for President in 2016.

    I think that Rand Paul has been positioning himself for a potential 2016 run and if thinks he can has a viable shot at getting the Republican nomination then I think he will go for it, the only thing that might hold him back is a scandal or perhaps he would feel he wouldn't be able to beat some of the other candidates, then he may wait until the next Presidential cycle.

  • No, Rand Paul will not run for president in 2016.

    Although a viable candidate, I do not think that Rand Paul will make it to the 2016 election primaries. His views are not conservative enough and he doesn't have the experience that many voters want in a presidential candidate. That is my opinion, but he is an excellent speaker and politiican.

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