• Yes, Rand Paul's lawsuit against the Obama administration will accomplish much.

    I believe Rand Paul's lawsuit against the Obama administration was a strategic political move and a statement that needed to be made by a fellow politician. The American people have been outraged ever since Edward Snowden first leaked information about the NSA. Rand Paul's lawsuit will serve as a statement that this type of "Big Brother" surveillance will not be tolerated by the American people.

  • The judges are corrupt.

    No, Rand Paul's lawsuit against the Obama administration, as laudable as it is, will not go anywhere, because the judges are largely appointed by democrats. They will decide the issue politically, not based on the constitution as it ought to be applied. People have decided that Obamacare will stand, even though it is unconstitutional.

  • Rand Paul's lawsuit against Obama will not go anywhere

    Due to Obama's massive support of NSA spying programs and lobbyist already present support of Obama. Rand Pauls arguement will more than likely be shouted over by arguements of feelings that in reality have no sources or backing. Even though the reasons why Rand Paul sueing are logical, it just won't get through.

  • Of course not

    The lawsuit will go nowhere and he's fully aware of it, this is typical Rand Paul grandstanding garbage to be the center of attention because that's more important to him than fixing anything. The Obama administration does indeed deserve criticism for NSA practices, but this is not the productive way to improve anything and Rand Paul knows that.

  • No, It Won't

    I do not believe Rand Paul's lawsuit against the Obama administration will go anywhere. I believe Rand Paul misunderstands his purpose in Washington and wants to claim more power then has been afforded him. I do not believe he sees eye to eye with American public or the people that voted him in.

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