• Trendy over hyped commercialized garbage.

    How rap/hip hop has remained relevant and successful for 25+ years just baffles me. It is a testimony to how ridiculous and ignorant the general American public has become. It is shoved down your throat in every facet of everyday life in this country. Every commercial, movie, and tv ahow at one point or another has rap being blared in the background. Idiots drive down the road with their obnoxiously loud systems bumping down the road rattling windows and acting like they're so awesome. Every form of music comes and goes. Rap has stood the test of time far longer than it should have. I hate it, I hate everyrhing about it, I rue the day that it was ever created. Worst music ever. I hope it dies out soon. It couldn't die out soon enough. I hold it partially responsible for the demise of our society in many ways.

  • Eventually it will.

    All music as it is now will fade or evolve from the mainstream media in time. Not just rap but all major categories of music now will morph or die out. Look at classical for example. While it has stood the test of time, only a handful of artists from that time period are even still heard, and even fewer people can pick out which famous groundbreaking composer created each symphony. The same goes for all music, however I feel that rap Is especially susceptible due to its strong reliance on vocals. Eventually non of the cultural references made in rap will be valid, and the category will be looked back on as a stepping stone for music. While it will probably still exist, it will be dead in the eyes of the average person.

  • Rap will die

    Given all this trap/mumble rap shit that's been literally everywhere for the past few years, It's bound to die out eventually due to an over saturation of artists who all sound the same. Hopefully then, We can get Blues Rock like Greta Van Fleet to dominate the mainstream again; unless EDM doesn't try to take over the music world again. . .

  • Everything goes away

    Now I like all kinds of music and it seems like rap is not my favorites. I noticed when the kids in class have there headphones in it’s the same beat over and over again and eventually get bored of it. My gut feeling says 2023 is when it will become less heard for. I think rock will have a revival eventually but not right after rap goes maybe like a year or so after. Things need to be more experimental. When rap first came people liked it because they never heard something like it before but now it’s all we ever hear! Same thing with lousy pop songs. They don’t have the emotion or effort. I think if rap wants to stay relevant they should put more emotion and time in it. Just my opinion

  • Influence from other communities

    African Maericans have historically remained dominant in musical innovation in popular music, From blues to jazz to disco and now hip hop. However recently the Latin American population has greatly expanded in the United States, In addition to the Asian population, While African American population has somewhat stagnated. This mean that there will be more young musicians with different backgrounds to create a new style and bring to the general crowd. The sucess of Despacito shows that Latin music still has popularity in the North American market, And it likely will only continue to increase with numerous young, Creative Latinos either coming to America or growing up in isolated, Hispanic-do instead communities, Leaving room for more creativity in demographic isolation. In summary, The increase in new ethnic groups will likely cause a new musical revolution in the future.

  • This Rap/Hip Hop Slavery Will Finally Last Within The Next 10 Years!

    With mumble rap being a popular form of rap music now, People will eventually get tired of the same beats and repetive lyrics and I can honestly admit that Rock music will take the crown one more time because of the "Rock Revival" bands such as GVF and The Struts and others
    So we can all be hopeful and patience ;)

  • Its just sad!

    I grew up listening to soul and rock which takes talented musicians and skill neither of which is involved in hip hop. Its sad because since its so popular soul music has completely disappeared and rock is following close behind. Its almost like the times of disco when everyone including rock acts were forced to conform due to greedy record labels. Im in my 20s but the state of current music(noise) makes me sick.

  • Just add a 'C' to it. It's crap.

    There is little innovation, Zero melody, And a dearth of real passion. Rap is the lowest common denominator of a dumbed down nation. It's supporters are deluded or just plain ignorant. Real music is timeless and ethereal. Rap is repetitive braggadocio from faux angry young humans. Just because people buy it, Doesn't make it good music. Let it die.

  • YES, Its garbage and all garbage gets thrown out eventually.

    Rap and Hip Hop are tired genres reeking of hubris and desperation. When you talk to the younger generation they usually say they like rap and/or hip hop but its not as cool as guitar, Bass and drums. There are smart people out there somewhere and they want music that is actual music. When these kids hear a wicked guitar riff a la Led Zep or Guns N Roses they say 'Oh man THAT is awesome'. Only a matter of time folks. The garbage will be thrown out. It's stinking up the place.

  • Probably it will

    I think that rap artists are starting to just make music for money. Look at lil pump. Even though there are good artists out there hey are very few
    . Flexing and having loops is not music. When something new or a form of a old genre re appears I think the rap audience will start to whift if the situation remains the same

  • I don't think so

    It is a new form of art in the musical genre, so it won't die off completely but there might be a turn where it is not as popular anymore. Disco was popular like crazy in the sixties, but now it is hard to find but not impossible. I think it is impossible for any music to "die" because that means it wouldn't exist in the modern day. There will be some person creating that music somewhere in the world so it can't officially "die". It would be like if I died but just barely existed to walk to talk, it wouldn't be possible because I don't exist. So no, it would not die because that means completely vanish.

  • Rap is shitty

    I think it's garbage they always talk about ex's and sex drugs and money like for real get a fucking life and get your ass up and find a better job or sing something else like rock or heavy metal or something god fucking dam like fr always blasting the shit

  • NOPE - It's just getting started.

    First off, to all of you generalizing rap music, I hope you realize that can be done with ANY genre. Here, let me try. Rock is a bunch of angry white guys. Country is a bunch truck driving alcoholics. See how that works now?

    In regards to whole narcissism thing, everyone is a narcissist in today's world. Even you "critics" who think you know everything about music are standing on an imaginary pedestal trying to p*** all over rap music.

    Now in regards to why rap music will never die, It never will. It will definitely decline at some point like all great genres do but there will always be hardcore hip hop heads. Anybody with a brain and functioning eyes should be able to look at Nielsen soundscan and realize that this is the first year Rap/R&B was the best selling genre in the U.S. While I will admit the lyrics aren't always there, the sound keeps evolving. You can see that from 80s dance rap to 90s gangsta rap to 2000s swag rap to present. However, anybody with a nose for good rap music will know heavy weights are always around. From Rakim to PAC/Biggie to Eminem/50 Cent to Kendrick/Joey Bada$$/Drake. As I said in my header, it's just getting started.

  • There Will Be A Day........It Won't Be As Popular

    I agree with all the posters above me on the left hand column. Though, like any other music it won't ever totally disappear. Rap and Hip Hop will hopefully evolve to become more elegant and more sophisticated (Hopefully!) I actually hate Rap and Hip Hop. These 2 have been said to come from the real and the hard life of inner city street life culture. It has been called Ghetto music. But when rapper only rap over cop killing, drugs, stealing, raping, abusing females - etc - the list goes on and on. It is degrading and reason why it is considered to be LOW class. Though, it has been also said, factual - that instrumental music has more class and requires more intelligence to enjoy then vocals. Though, I know there are good rappers. And creative rappers. What I hate about rap or Hip Hop is, the vocals - the instrumental back ground tracks and beats are and can be actually very cool and creative! Some one may say - Oh any one can throw these beats together! But really can you? They use real instruments - call beat boxes, drum machines and music synthesizers - and of course computer driven music programs. I do not know how to write music with these programs, such as Propeller - etc. But I do know how to work and operate all the other equipment, like the Roland 505 Groove Box, Korg Microkorg, Korg Electribe, etc, so do you know how to operate these music track creating machines? If you dont know how to sit in front of these cool devices and produce, then it seems pretty hard to bash the creators! That's what IS really super cool about Rap or Hip Hop, the beats and the tracks, I just hate the rapping vocals! :-)

  • Rap was the worst thing to ever happen to music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my god i'm praying that it does die...Back when rap first came along...It killed all the other types of music...So yes i hate,despise rap...I can't even call it music...So finely let us out of this 25 years of hell and pain...Die rap please die and burn in hell...Rap ssuuuxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No way ever

    Whoever thinks it will go away needs to stop. There are many intelligent rappers out there such as Kendrick Lamar and lupe fiasco and etc. I know that they won't last forever but they pass down to the next rapper. We never thought we'd hear anyone as good as biggie but then here comes eninem or Cassidy. There are different generations of rap. Late 80's 90's 00's now 10's you can tell the difference in each generation. It won't die it'll just evolve like it has been doing. One hunnid

  • No way, but it needs to evolve desperately.

    Rap music ain't going anywhere anytime soon. But I've heard about cars, I've heard about money, fine ladies, rags to riches, violent street tales, all that stuff a billion times and I am personally just about completely finished with it. I don't care about a rappers childish feuds or his compensation, wink, wink.

    I am tired of it all, everything, and I do't care to hear more of the same when it was old when I first heard it. So it is a no. But It could diminish if it doesn't evolve. I liken it to listening to only 50s rock and roll. It's good stuff, but eventually I want to listen to the rest of rock history.

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