Will Rauner, a Republican, be a better governor than his Democratic predecessor, Quinn?

  • Yes, I think he will be a better govenor.

    Obviously the people thought so, which means he stands for what the people need right now. I think he will be a better governor. He seems to be a good person with a good political agenda, and being a good person is more important than whether or not you sound good on stage.

  • Individual skill not political party matter

    It is difficult to say in advance whether someone will be a 'better' governor. Better by what measure? His party faithful will no doubt be delighted and his opponents unhappy.

    However, both men have strong education and previous career experience and only time will tell who does a better job for the electorate of Illinois.

  • No, I don't think Will will be a better governor then Quinn.

    I don't live in the United States of America but If I did, I'd be very scared of letting the republican's take over. Even though some don't agree with how Obama is running the country, I think he did a much better job then any of the other presidents and I don't think they should get rid of the Democratic party.

  • The More Things Change...

    As with all states, Illinois is its own separate fiefdom that can't really be understood by anyone outside of the inner workings of the state government. Better is an operative term these days when it comes to politics. It is hard to see Governor-elect Rauner being any better that current Governor Quinn, or any other options. Cynicism reigns supreme.

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