Will Real Madrid win the Champions League this year?

Asked by: Evilcat2
  • Yes, Real Madrid is in Form.

    Real Madrid will win the CL this year. This year Real Madrid have strong team. And also they have strong fans that can lead them to Success in this CL. Cristian Ronaldo in in form and he have got Ballon d'or . Offcorse Real Madrid will win the Champions League.

  • Yes, they are in the lead.

    Yes, Real Madrid will win the Champions League this year, because they are currently in first place. They have a strong team and there is no reason not to believe that they will not continue their wining streak. With success comes fans, and the fan support will carry them through to winning the league this year.

  • No, Real Madrid will not win the Champions League this year.

    Every year Real Madrid is in the running for the Champions League. There is to many talented teams to expect for Real Madrid to win this year. Their competition has improved tremendously. Talent alone can not ensure that you win, a lot of luck is involved and injuries can play a huge part. Due to all of these things I do not believe that Real Madrid will win.

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