Will Red Nose Day catch on in the US (yes) or is this a short-lived phenomenon (no)?

  • Yes, Red Nose Day will endure in the US.

    I believe that Americans are nothing if not funny and we love our humor. If we can be entertained by or participate in an activity that is going to benefit the underprivileged also, that is a clear "win-win". So in my opinion, we will don our red noses for as long as Red Nose Day is an option.

  • Yes, it has a lot of support already.

    People from Kim Kardashian to Helen Mirren to Peter Dinklage to Bill Gates have supported Red Nose Day this year in the US. With such buzz-worthy performances as "Game of Thrones: The Musical" to look forward to, Red Nose Day should catch on enough in the US to warrant a repeat for at least the next several years.

  • It's Pretty Much A Scam

    Only $0.50 of your dollar spent for the nose goes to Comic Relief. And, they refuse to release documentation about how much actually is spent to aid the poor, hungry, etc. There's been quite a kerfuffle about this in Britain.

    Always know how much of your charitable dollars actually go to charity.

  • Red Nose Day will be a short-lived phenomenon in the United States.

    Originated in the United Kingdom as a charity event to raise money for children in poverty, the UK's Comic Relief brought the event to the United States in 2014 as a three-hour star-studded NBC television special. While the day signifies an important cause it is unlikely we will see people publicly wearing red noses, and the enthusiasm in the US will be contained to evening television watching and donating.

  • Red Nose Day will fizzle out in the US.

    There are many different fund raising ideas that have been put in place in the US, Red Nose Day is not alone. Red Nose Day will be a short-lived phenomenon, like KONY. There are so many fundraisers out there, some a person may have never heard of; Red Nose Day will fall into that list. It is exciting to hashtag and post selfies with a red nose one, but next year without even more money spent on advertising, the hype won't be as engaging.

  • Horribly bad marketing.

    This movement had terrible marketing, and whoever came up with this idea did not think it through very well. Can you imagine college girls wearing red noses? No? Well then chances are, it won't catch on.
    This is a marketing nightmare.
    Also, what does a clown nose have to do with the cause?

  • I don't think so...

    I have never even heard of this before now. That's all I have to say on the subject. Nothing else I say will add any insight to the topic, but I still am required to say thirteen more words. But yea, never heard of this. Five more words... There we go.

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