Will reducing America's trade deficit improve conditions for American workers?

  • Reduce the Trade Deficit

    By reducing the trade deficit, we could absolutely improve conditions for workers in America today. Working conditions aren't necessarily pristine, and government policymakers need to learn that fact before making judgments. The fact of the matter is that conditions need to be improved in many areas, and these changes are mandatory.

  • Would Encourage Local Manufacturing

    I believe reducing America's trade deficit would improve conditions for American workers. Right now the unemployment rate is high, but it doesn't count many workers who have dropped out of the work force all together. America needs jobs and I believe reducing the trade deficit would encourage local manufacturing here again.

  • More Exports Means More Jobs

    Americans import a lot of goods from overseas, especially China. When Americans export more goods to other countries, that means more demand for American products and more work for American citizens. One reason we should become energy-independent from the Middle East is so petroleum can become an export for America and increase our standing in the global economy.

  • There is no such thing as a trade deficit.

    No, reducing America's trade deficit will not improve conditions for American workers, because the trade deficit is a faulty concept. There is nothing wrong with importing more than exporting, because if your country can do other things and export those, both nations benefit from the trade. The United States would not improve for American workers by reducing the trade deficit. Free trade is best.

  • Reducing America's trade deficit will improve conditions for American workers.

    Reducing America's trade deficit will improve the conditions for American workers. If there are more manufacturing jobs in America, there will be more opportunities for workers to find employment. The unemployment problem in America today is largely a result of the decreasing manufacturing sector as a result of large scale outsourcing.

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