• Rehab will teach Josh Gordon how to overcome his addictions

    The first and most important step in treatment for any addiction is admitting to yourself and others that you have a problem. By voluntarily admitting himself into rehab rather than join his team again, Josh Gordon is asking for help. As long as he wants to get better and continues to seek the supports that are available to him, he should recover.

  • Yes, rehab could prove very beneficial for Johs Gordon

    Josh Gordon has made the announcement that he is putting his career on hold to first deal with his substance abuse problems. To me, that appears that he is putting his health and his wellbeing first, supplemented by the fact that he chose to join an in-patient program where he will be immersed in working towards his goal of sobriety. While rehabilitation is not 100% effective in every case, the likelihood of success in a rehab program is increased when the person admits they have a problem, and want to change that situation for themselves. Josh Gordon seems like he is dedicated to his recovery, so I hope it works out for him.

  • Yes, Josh Gordon will benefit from rehab.

    Yes, entering rehab will help Josh Gordon. He is checking into an in-patient rehab facility of his own will, which shows he has an earnest desire to deal with his issues and get better. As long as he embraces the hard path ahead toward recovery, with the help of a supportive family and community, rehab will work for Josh Gordon.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I don't understand what is so hard to stop weed...I mean there isn't anything addicting in it chemically..only thing maybe is the feeling...he is just irresponsible..i would much rather make millions of dollars to not do any illegal drug than sit at home and smoke. People saying his life, he can do what he want. YES you're correct! But there's consequences because in that contract he signed, he knew weed was against the rules. His decisions aren't landing him in a nice place apparently.

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