Will relations between the United States and Israel be better once President Obama's term ends?

  • Yes it will be better

    The relationship between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barrack Obama has not been so good so far. Things have been tough between Jerusalem and Washington due to the personal trust and animosity between the two leaders.There have been sharp disagreements regarding various issues between the two of them. Hence the relations between the United States and Israel will be better once President Obama's term ends.

  • The End of the Obama Administration Will Benefit US Relations with Israel

    The recent cancellation of a meeting with president Barack Obama by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a telling portrait of how relations between these two nations have soured during the present administration. Assuming that a Republican administration will take over the executive branch during the next term as polling suggests, it is highly likely that this will afford an opportunity to perform a foreign relations "reset." The present Obama administration is hesitant to address radical Islamic terrorism in any direct manner, leaving Israel uneasy amidst the burgeoning threats from both radical Shiite and Sunni groups in the region.

  • The United States' reputation has been damaged by the Republican debates.

    People who look at American politics see the circus show that is Donald Trump. Even if Trump does not become president, outsiders are shocked that so many Americans are supporting him when he acts in a way that is disrespectful and offensive to so many groups. Americans are painted in a bad light for supporting a man of such character, and this will make other countries like Israel less trusting of America.

  • Relations after Obama's term will remain the same.

    After Obama's term ends, I don't think the relations between Israel and the United States will be any better. However, I also don't think that they will worsen. I believe that they will remain the same. Both sides have seperate agendas, and the agendas that they have have nothing to do with one another.

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