Will religion be eradicated in a couple hundred years?

Asked by: Gulam
  • It's not enough time.

    Religion was contributed to the rise of organized society, according to anthropologists. It has endured into the 21st century. Though what really determines the influence of religion on mankind in the future, barring the discovery of biological or digital life extension, is the mindset of emergent generations. You can only brainwash a child to believe in ghosts and goblins so long as you deprive them of the information that allows them to be critical and self-informed.

    As mankind enters into the next information revolution, involving neural nets and digital interconnectivity between people, we may see religion sloughed off like the less popular fairy tells that were taken seriously in ancient times.

    I just don't see this kind of progress being actualized in the next couple centuries. If mankind can endure a couple thousand more years, surely there is hope. Have faith.

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  • Order, purpose, direction.

    The 20th century (100 years of science) has brought more change and development than the rest of human history (delusional religious madness). The Soviet Union sent people to space and made enormous scientific breakthroughs, the US sent a man to the moon. We went from riding horses to driving cars, from using manpower and donkeys to using chemical and nuclear power, from trying to cure diseases with prayer to actually curing them with medical advancements. No, religion will not be eradicated, the religion of science will live on forever. Logical thinking and observing the complexities of the universe around us is the ultimate spiritual experience.

  • Yes. It will

    The sheer volume of actual knowledge that is being shared via computers is enough to out-weigh the thousands of years of flat-earth thinking that has caused all of humanity to live as if Santa Claus is real.

    We will be mental children no more, no more, no more

    ( bringing that word count up in spite of my preference for brevity ;) )

  • Hopeful to 'Yes'; fearing for 'No.' I want to choose 'Maybe.'

    Religion is exceedingly illogical in it's very premise; it can never prove itself-and yes, *it does have* the burden of proof. If you would like to contend this, I must first ask you disprove all other gods ever created. And this one. Marky the God is real. He is immaterial, incorporeal, and cannot be detected by the sense-prove Marky doesn't exist.

    There. So I believe as we grow intellectually inclined, I think it will *fade* away, but go away? No, sadly. Bigotry is a strong sword, and unlike the sword of Damocles, it is bound by thousands of ropes, it is so rarely falls upon its wielder.

    I would choose 'Maybe' because it is guess-work. Maybe another prophet will come along (this only hypothetical, remember) and restore religion to the-what's the time period? . . . Oh, right. The Dark Ages. Or maybe we'll encounter so positively horrible that no just god can be real. The explosion of Earth while beginning the colonization of Mars seems the likeliest, at least as a level of horrific needed.

    If we continue on this steady rate that we're at now, however, we'll find that this pattern happens . . .

    Generation 1: all 100 people believe. They tell their children that the religion is real.

    Generation 2: 98 people believe, and tell their children as they learned. 2 people are atheists, and tell their children that it is logically improbable, and back it up.

    Generation 3: 95 people believe, and do as mentioned. 5 people converted are atheists, and do as mentioned.

    Etc., etc.. I did not incorporate the small minority like C. S. Lewis who see something beauty, say, "I don't get it," and convert to religion. However, as science grows, the amounts of "I don't get it" decline. So . . . One day. One day religion will die. But when exactly? Never soon enough.

  • Religion has been backing down since science came in the picture

    Religion is still a major part of human civilization. Nevertheless, if you compare the role of religion today with the one it had a few hundred years ago it becomes obvious that science (along with some other things) have been replacing religion and given other explanations to the concepts that had no other explanation than the one religion provided.

    Eradicated is a harsh term. Even nowadays there are still people who worship the gods of Ancient Greece, but we would call that religion eradicated. I believe that in a few centuries, if things evolve the way they have been, the number of religious people will be far too low to even consider religion as "a thing".

  • Religion: Blast from the past

    A great way to contain thousands of questioning, uninformed, black magic practicing, and rioting peasants during the earlier civilizations was to introduce religion.

    For them, religion answered questions we couldn't. It provided an answer to our creation, our planet's creation, our species, our logic, our meaning.

    Now, through study and curiosity, we are able to form logical and extremely scientifically and socially accepted reasons to our creation. Most theories evolve around the big bang from our creation, Natural Selection and evolution has created our species from common knowledge, we gain our consciousness from evolution as a species to think thoroughly, and our meaning on this planet is decided by ourselves as intellectual superiors to our neighboring animal kind.

    In the end, there is no need for religion in a world basked in answers. Hope you can understand. As we speak, even more things said to be true in religions is being disproven.

  • In the post religious world today’s believers will be regarded with derisive amusement.

    In more enlightened times to come, when religion is exposed as the crutch that was used by feeble-minded people to reconcile themselves with the world they couldn’t fully comprehend, future generations will wonder why some people persisted with the primitive practice of worshipping imaginary deities for so long.

    Of course, there will still be some mental-cases in the future who cling to the old, discredited beliefs of today’s religions, just like there are some nutters in the West today who have adopted pagan or shaman beliefs, but they will exist on the margins of society.

  • Not by any means.

    Religion, especially Islam and Christianity, will not die out by any means. Why not? Just look at the first "yes" opinion on this page. "Feeble-minded" people who can't fully comprehend the world? This is a pure lie, and is the very reason I believe nobody will switch to atheism in droves like so many people think. It's just bullying, and is highly illogical and has no proof to back it up. Also consider the fact that humans have actually been getting dumber and dumber. Thus the apparent trend that seems to say that atheism is growing. Don't believe me? Look at records for standardized tests over the past century. A swift decline. Look at a 6th-grade test from the mid- 1800s and tell me if most college graduates could pass the test. And it came from a time when Christianity was everywhere. Perhaps the greatest evidence of man's intellectual decline is atheism itself. Look at how many quotes there are that stomp on religion and laud atheists as some sort of beautifully intelligent genius-minded superbrain species. Dawkins anybody? This to me proves the actual nature of atheism and its adherents: it is nothing but a cult, run by smackmouths.

  • Not Going Anywhere

    The Egyptians thought they'd eradicate Judaism, the Assyrians thought they'd eradicate Judaism, the Persians thought they'd eradicate Judaism, the Greeks thought they'd eradicate Judaism, and the Romans thought they, too, would eradicate Judaism. Of these empires, can anyone guess as to which drove Judaism to extinction? Don't worry, I'll wait. Also, while science was busy explaining how there are only 1,100 stars, how wind blew straight, how the earth was flat, and how sick people must be bled, the Old Testament writers, a thousand years prior, and written the exact opposite: Stars are innumerable, blew blows in all directions, the earth isn't flat, and blood is the source of life and health. Religion, or a belief in a higher Being, is the foundation of civilization. Buddhism, by definition, is more of an ethic, as opposed to a religion, as it is atheistic (it has bits of theism, but never declares there to be a single Being, worthy of all praise). The same can be stated for Confucianism and Taoism. The Hindu caste system will never die, as it dictates social order, professional order, and militarized order. Islam appears to be spreading slowly, but only by the sword. It, too, brings social order, professional order, and militarized order. This comes in the form of Sharia law. Christ, the center of Christianity, who the calender of the Western world revolves around, is also held as the highest personality in philosophy. The Constitution of the United States, as well as the three branches that make up its government, are set on the values and laws of Judaism and Christianity. Many oppose this idea, but, those who do, clearly haven't read Mosaic law or Isaiah 33:22 (the Lord is our Judge, our Lawgiver, and our King, or, the Judicial branch, Legislative branch, and Executive branch). Religion is not going to die. Governments fall, politicians quit, science changes its mind, but religion is here to stay.

  • Religion will always be present

    Humans, as a species, naturally are drawn towards the belief in a higher being. There are always those who do not have a religion (atheists and agnostics), but there are also always those who believe in some form of faith. Generation after generation, we know that most humans have believed in some form of religion, though they are not the same. Even if some form of government were to prohibit religion, there will always be at least a few people who stick to their religion. Religion is a powerful thing, to the point where people follow it blindly.

  • The basics of religion will always stay with us.

    The basics of religion. That we will be rewarded if we be noble to ourselves and other people will always live. This is because hope is such a big thing in a dark world were bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. This is why religion is so adopted.

  • Religion is based on faith

    Despite what the image of religion is because of the power religion has held over people and countries, for the last hundred years, the bottom line of religion is that it is a communal faith and if you ask yourself will those human values go away and people stop either believing in things or more importantly share in it with other people? The answer should be no, of course they will remain and religion will exist, maybe not with the question of a god, miracles, prophecies, and strict laws on morality but it will still exist at the very least in the sharing in the search for meaning

  • Religion may get smaller, but I don't think it will "vanish"

    Although many of my fellow "Na sayers" to this have absolute terrible reasons why they think its not going to go away (scientists knew since the Greek ages that the earth was round while religion thought the earth "stood on pillars" not the opposite), they did get one thing right. Religion hasn't gone away yet, and theres absolutely no reason why it would go away now. Just because the big abrahamic religions are dwindling, doesn't mean that religion as a whole will vanish. New religions, like Pantheism (ok, not new, but you get my point), Causality, etc, are rising, and other religions such as Buddhism are also rising. Religion may get smaller, but I doubt it will vanish.

  • Religion is the control social order depends on.

    People of faith will always exist. It is easier to be told what to believe, than to think for yourself. Religion is the glue that keeps the masses compliant. Those with the power keep humanity on its knees so they won't look around and realize all the malarkey is unnecessary. The human race has some serious daddy issues.

  • How can you say such a thing?

    Religion will never ever in this entire Universe be eradicated! The mere thought is just outrageous.
    I myself am a Muslim and state that Belief is the foundation for life. I personally think Science is kidding with itself with time machines and teleporters and that that it can not give us the answers to everything. Science is basically how humans think nature works. There is also that evolution of human thing which is simply preposterous. I thought Christians also believed in Aadam and Hawa (Adam and Eve), the first humans God created so where do homo-whatever come from?
    My point is Religion is Foundation and it can by no means be eradicated. Take history for example, no one was capable of persecuting Judaism or Christianity. Just take it or leave it.

  • It's survived since man was able to think

    Yeah, we are making new discoveries all the time. How does this refute religion? Unless we somehow gain Time Travel technology or the ability to warp dimensions or something, were never gonna find out if Religion is truthful or not. It has survived well into the modern age and most of Earth's populace is still religious, look it up. Yeah, we may invent space travel, find a cure for cancer, hopefully, and create teleporter's, which would be awesome if we could, but I still don't see these things overwhelming science. That makes no sense. What reason would people have to stop believing?

    Posted by: O.Z

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