• Look around you.

    Five reasons why God is false:

    1. What makes the Bible any different from the Koran, or Shinto, or Zeus, or some African myth?

    2. If there is a God, there must be an afterlife. If there is an afterlife, there is a part of the body that departs from you. This part would have to be non-biological. Our "soul" is within the brain. Even our personalities can be reduced to arrangements of brain cells. Our brain is biological, not immortal, meaning there is no magical afterlife. Everything just peacefully fades away.

    3. Many of the statements in the Holy Bible have been proven wrong. For example, the "soul" does not reside within the heart, the Earth is not a flat disc, and there is plenty of fossil evidence for evolution.

    4. God contradicts himself. He wanted us to save all sexual urges for marriage, yet he gave them to us as teenagers. He wanted us to be his sheeple, yet he gave us minds to find the answers for ourselves, instead of blindly accepting a book.

    5. He is NOT an intelligent designer. What God would create a body part that does nothing more than explode (appendix), create more teeth than the jaw can hold (wisdom tooth), and design the testicles to reside outside the body, where they are a target? What God would make childbirth painful? What God would create two genders (You can't have a majority with two. That's why married couples often disagree. If we had three genders, there would be less disagreement.)?

  • Religion is for the weak

    In a few hundred years the only people who will be living their lives by a random book written by less knowledgeable versions of ourselves will be people with mental illnesses, people to scared to take responsibility for their own life, and indoctrinated youth... Bottom line is: religion has and always will be holding the human race back. In order for us to make big advancements we will have to get rid of the imaginary stories and face the universe for the way it is. We need to stop creating stories to help us cope with life. We were already set back 1000 years in medical, scientific, and human research thanks to the church (5th to 15th hundreds). Wars, conflicts, and murder has been spurred by the call of insanity from religion. At the very least we need to start opening our minds to new theories and ideas. Hell as far as we know the big bang theory and theory of evolution could be wrong. But that's the point, they are theories, and in order to figure out if they are true or false we are going to have to learn more about these topics. I don't care if your Muslim or christian or any other religion, but I ask you have an unbiased view on new ideas. We have learned many things in the bible, Quran, torah etc. are untrue. Such as that everything revolves around earth, and that the world is actually flat. While it may seem obvious now, people were actually killed, and humiliated just when they were trying to discover these. Even today, stem cell research and biomedical research is looked down apon because of religion junkies. Who knows, we may find a way to cure caner with nanobots injected into the blood stream or something else crazy, but in order for this to happen we will need to ACCEPT NEW IDEAS

  • Science explaining mysterious only religion could once explain.

    The unknown has always been explained by religion, just and the process that creates lightning was unknown a supernatural god called Zeus was the explanation, so as science gradually explains the many more currently unexplainable phenonoma as it persistently has, religion will die because it will have nothing left on its side to argue about, it will still take a while before it dies because of the stubbornness of faith, which the definition for is belief without evidence, but as people get smarter, as we have over time belief without evidence will be a concept that will be excepted by everyone as ridiculous.

  • Religion is changing. Many people believe in scientific explanations of things.

    I have observed (lol) that the religious texts tend to be interpreted differently to fit common beliefs that contradict them. An example of religion failing: Many people who consider theselves Christians haven't read the bible and fewer go to church. About 75% of Americans are religious. Probably less than half of that percentage regulary worship their dieties. Many people believe in Evolution based on the overwhelmingly amount of evidence backing up the theory. It may be awhile, it may be soon but eventually religion will slowly fade away and current religions will be studied in class as myths just like Greek and Roman mythology.

  • People are growing up and realizing we can't rely on some made up character to bring us our dreams and desires.

    Over the years people have become less religious. Even die hard Christians realize that back in the day people were too overly religious. I think that it won't take long for people to understand that maybe it WAS childish to believe in such nonsense. I think that people will one day kill off religion as a whole.

  • It can't come soon enough

    Look at the facts and figures. The Internet allows people to learn and communicate more easily. Science has made countless breakthrough discoveries that prove key religious "events" were falsified. You needn't look any further than statistics showing which countries are most religious and which ones are starting wars. All the highly religious countries are somehow involved in war. Scandal after scandal and all major religions call for violence.

    I was indoctrinated as a child, and even then the magical stories seemed very unlikely. Talking snakes? Magic horses and flaming chariots?

    Brainwashing is a powerful, and sad, thing.

  • I hope so. Religion is nothing more than a delusion of the feeble minded.

    Religion brings far more harm than good to this world. Through sexual repression many men turn to molesting young children to satisfy their urges. Lets face it, the bible says nothing is wrong with molesting children or incest for that matter...Should be a clue right there. The millions upon millions of lives lost through war and the persecution and execution of non believers or those who believe differently. Really i could go on and on an on, but why? No religion on this planet can stand up to critical thought. Anyone willing to take the time and think about it logically will see how nuts religion is. It is an anchor that is holding back humanities progress. Faith is what you have when there is no proof, which means you can have faith in anything that does not exist. How do you prove a negative? That is to say, how do you prove something exists that does not exist? You can't.

  • As long as we all work together for the better of manking

    I see it today, the young people do not believe. If we all work towards a peaceful and prosperous future there will no longer be a need for religion. It will happen, my son is 15 and is an atheist, all of his friends are. Even the ones that are dragged off to church do not believe. Science is changing us, science is everything.

  • Science Trumps 2000 Year old Belief System

    We live in an age of widely accessible scientific discovery. Bronze age ideas about how the world worked have been proven to be wrong, even ridiculous. Religion is completely antiquated at this point, it is just a matter of time before this paradigm, too, shifts. Internet availability is the key.

  • Yes, because science!

    Since religion existed there has always been belief in a god. But now a days people find the belief of god from ancient cultures because there has been scientific explanations to prove them wrong.
    The more humans develop and scientific knowledge expands, the less religious people you will find. There will be a small portion who still believe but the majority of the population will think otherwise, based on the statistics.

  • Religion Still Going Strong

    I do not believe there is any reason to believe that religion will die out anytime soon. Most of the major world religions have followers than number in the millions and most of the planets inhabitants believe in one form of religion or another. Christians numbers are up and well as Buddhists and the people of Islam.

  • Will religion die out? For better or worse the answer is no.

    The religious impulse is part and parcel of what we are; it is woven into the evolutionary fabric. Even atheists, (of which I count myself one), find meaning in mythic narrative. (Who here does not like "Lord or the Rings"?)

    What may die out in large measure, though never totally, is the requirement that religious narrative be true in a literal-historical and exclusive sense. It will not, however, depart without a lot of Sturm und Drang, and especially from those of a more fundamentalist bent. The more deeply the ego is tied to the truth of a religion by fear and the need for a structure to make sense of existence, the more difficult it will be for a person to loosen the ties. When a person's whole family and most or all of their community adhere to a religion the difficulty of walking away is increased further.

    Even so, in this age of the internet, isolation is all but impossible. Ideas will enter and cause doubt, and doubt will lead to repression out of fear, and finally to acceptance by many, (even if only in the privacy of their own thoughts.) Becoming apostate in the land of the fundamentalist can have immediate and dire consequences. (Ask anyone who has been brave or foolish enough to do so in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.)

  • It's been with us since 200,000/100,000 BCE

    And it's still going strong (that's about when burial marks started showing up - correct me if I'm wrong). It's illogical but people just don't seem to want to let go of the safety blanket that is religion. Hell not only do we still practice religions older than 2000 years - We're coming up with new ones! (one of the most memorable newer religions is (in my opinion) Scientology), so it doesn't seem to be dying down.

  • Very highly improbable.

    Here is a simple question. What would happen to religion if someone managed to prove, unequivocally, that god (god of any religion) did not exist. That it was irrefutable that everything every religion has ever said is purely fantasy and not real at all? I'll tell you what would happen: very little at all. If you could demonstrably prove god did not exist religion would still go on pretty much as it always has because the matter of whether god exists or not to any religion is actually arbitrary. It doesn't matter to them whether god exists or not, they simply have a deep-seated need to believe in something and no amount of evidence or proof will ever change that need to believe. I concede that it's illogical but it is true.

  • Somehow it will survive.

    I don't think that religions as a whole will die out as long as there are humans around. The religions we have today will surely either die or get reformed to a great extend to try to be at least partially compatible with modern science and knowledge. But There are some questions that probably can never be answered by science and things that can be interpreted so that they somehow allow a religious belief. Maybe people will stop to believe in an intelligent creator with a plan for each of us. But religion is defined as of a set of beliefs to explain the existence of life, humans or the universe. And I am pretty sure that there will always be people trying to answer the "why?" which can not be answered by science. And some of these people will come up with theories which can be seen as religion.

  • It will never die out

    People have always believed in God and they always will, because we are made to search for God and God seeks us out during our lifetimes. Societies go through stages where religious beliefs are more and less prevalent but it will never die because God is real. And 70 percent of the world agrees with that statement.

  • Look Around The World!!!!!

    If we see the present world the world has been divide into religious groups rather than the boundaries of the country!!!! Most of the Muslim Countries having Political Instability nd The USA is trying to interference in middle, these all leads to Religious issues and their will be lot of political instability in future

  • Are You For Real?

    Religion has been around for years and it's still changing. New religions are still popping up. Yes, there are many people who don't believe there are still big groups of people who believe in a certain set of beliefs. Look at some of the places outside America. Religion is sometimes deeply ingrained in a certain parts of the world. It's apart of a culture as well as history.

  • I doubt it.

    As much as I oppose religion, I have my doubts on whether it will or will not die out. It also strongly depends on how you conceptualize religion. My guess is that the power of religious institutions such as the catholic church continues to erode, and that people will find new ways to infuse meaning into their lives in a more individualized way. In other words, religion will diminish, but spirituality will flourish. I have my doubts however whether religion will die out as a whole. I do think that within the next 40-60 years we will probably see serious changes in religious life as a result of the information age.

  • Humans Worry About Life After Death

    I don't believe so. People are too diverse in what they do and don't believe, even with the rise of atheism (though atheism is not a religion). Early humans believed in spirits, and that has carried on to even now. Belief in an afterlife is one of the strongest things are person can believe in, because it deals with your own life. So, I find that even if the major religions begin to dwindle hundreds of years from now, that new religions will pop up.

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