• Hopefully people will grow out of it!

    As we learn we grow, hopefully more knowledge will encourage people to abandon their stupid beliefs about an afterlife or god.
    People used to worship the sun, think the world was flat and thought disease was a work of god, surely greater discoveries in the world of biology and physics will deepen our understanding, transferring to general knowledge overtime.

  • Religion is here to stay.

    Realistically there has to be some structure to people's philosophy in life.
    Part of that philosophy is what is beyond the physical plane/world
    That in itself entails religion. If we stopped believing in religion and focused only on the world who knows where we'd end up in the afterlife. Our life is very short and the afterlife is for eternity.
    We should strike a balance focusing on both religion and the modern world today.

  • I like to think religion/mythology has three reasons for existence.

    1: It is a substitution for science. I see this most in Greek/Roman mythology. It was easier for them to believe that crops didn't grow in the winter because Demeter was upset that to try to understand the rotation of Earth around the sun and the subsequent changing of the seasons.
    2: Somebody is looking for power/money. This is evident in almost all religions, including Christianity. For example, King Henry VIII created his own branch of Christianity and made himself the Pope of it because his old religion would not allow him to divorce his wife. He forced his entire country to convert to it (I think it was England), and that form of Christianity is widely practiced today. Also, many greedy Popes have added on to the Bible while translating it into new languages to empower themselves more.
    3: It makes people feel better. It reassures people to think that there is someone watching over them and taking care of them, and it also makes death less scary if they believe in an afterlife.

    There are still greedy people, people that need the company of a god, and people who don't like the complication of science. As long as these three types of people exist, religion will too.

    And also, because young children are completely dependent on their parents, they will blindly believe whatever their parents tell them.

  • As long as humans are here

    Humans need a myth to survive. Humans need a story to live. That was partly why religion developed; taking the Marxian view, the poor material economic conditions of one society may lead to the creation of religion with the need to justify these horrible material economic conditions. An example of this is India; the majority of the population lives in poverty, which has led to a huge increase of religiousness of the masses (shown by the voting in of Mr. Modi. BJP forever).

    But atheism is a growing force in many countries whose material economic decisions are satisfactory; countries like the US, the UK and France whose developing material economic positions put them in a favorable place for the development of science and other humanistic fields, atheism seems to be a force necessary to deal with.

  • Having Faith, Faith Will Disappear is an oxymoron.

    Atheists seem to provoke more hateful opinions and force their opinions far more than most religions that I know of. I'm not even saying religion or faith is a good thing or not. But every single religion ending will never happen, I wouldn't be surprised if there was even more in the future. Not worth debating further.

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