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  • Eventually they will have no choice

    Yes, I believe that eventually Republican will accept gay marriage because they will have no choice in the matter. In reality who someone chooses to marry should not be a political standpoint. If one state will not allow it then another will. The gay community is becoming a larger group of voting individuals there will be no choice in the future.

  • Republicans will support gay marriage.

    Republicans will support gay marriage. Republicans have always been the most objective group in the bunch but when one starts to accept it then they usually all will follow. I think the issue is never going to go away and we should accept it and give everybody equal rights to marry.

  • Will have to

    The party will have to support gay marriage some time in the near future or they will die. Gay marriage is something that is inevitably going to be a socially acceptable norm in the near future, and anyone speaking out against it will not be politically viable or electable in any way.

  • Not the bigoted ones

    There are many Republicans who support gay marriage, just not the ones who do not like anyone outside their own race. These types of Republicans like to say, it is not bigoted, but just their faith. Where in the bible does it say being gay is a sin, and that only a man and women should be married? Oh, that is right, it doesn't say that no where in the bible.

  • Republican Support Marriage

    I personally think that shockingly, the state's Republican House speaker, Thom Tills, who was largely responsible for putting the measure on the ballot, called the anti-gay marriage initiative a generational issue and predicted that while the initiative would probably pass, it would also be repealed within 20 year. Which is very shocking.

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