• Yes, there is a good chance this will happen

    Republicans have make it clear that they don't like Obamacare. When this was past not a single republication voted for it and a strong number of democrats now what it to change. Knowing this, it should be easy to repeal it, especially because republicans control the government and recent reports have came out about its falling.
    However, I know that the challenge is not to repeal it, but to replace it. I believe that even though it would be hard to replace it. I still think that it is easier than it may seem. Obamacare was a bad policy from the start, which explains the lack of support. If Trump was to create a policy, which can get numerous republican on board they should be able to get it past. It also helps that republicans are more likely to support something that comes from their party and which was part of their campaign.

  • Yes, Republicans will replace Obamacare

    There will be a new version of our national health care as presented by the Republican party. There are so many cost issues and insurance challenges with the current Obamacare that a replacement or revision is necessary. At least the country has accepted the idea of a national health plan and it will be easier to make modifications.

  • No, Republicans will not be able to replace Obamacare

    For many years, Republicans have used the phrase "repeal and replace" to describe what they intend to do to Obamacare. However, Republicans have never been clear what they mean by "replace." Many provisions of Obamacare enjoy great popularity with the American public, and Republicans will suffer a loss in popularity if they attempt to remove those provisions.

  • Trump is already walking it back.

    No, the Republicans will not really replace Obamacare, because too many people would complain if they did that. The Republicans will do things that are expedient. They all want to win reelection. The Republicans might tweak it a little bit, but the fundamentals of it won't change in the end.

  • They Will Reform It

    Republicans will most likely not replace Obamacare. They will take measures to reform it and make it a better working system without displacing millions of Americans who now have health insurance because of it. Hopefully, they will go about it the right way and make it better for everyone instead of making it harder for people to have affordable health insurance.

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