Will Republicans take over the US Senate in 2014?

  • Republicans will take over the US Senate in 2014

    A lot of Americans are upset with the president over the way he handled the health care reform bill, the crisis in Syria, and revelations about spying on American citizens. There is so much discontent with the Democratic party, it's clear that the GOP will retake control of the Senate in 2014.

  • I don't believe so.

    I believe that the Republicans have damaged their brand in the past couple years because of their outdated, unfair and discriminatory takes on many different social issues. The Republicans also caused themselves some hardship when they forced the government to shut down for their own agenda. They need to clean up their brand before they have a shot.

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Quan says2013-12-29T21:48:48.090
Demorepublicratican is essentially a single party masquerading as two parties. Painting maps red and blue won't change that.