Will RG 3's catastrophic ankle injury hurt the Redskins' playoff chances?

  • Redkins playoff chance

    Provided DeSean Jackson’s injury doesn’t cause the wideout to miss too much time, the Washington Redskins are better positioned to make the 2014 playoffs on Sunday afternoon than they were on Sunday morning. That’s because Kirk Cousins gives the Redskins a better chance to win than the man he was backing up.

  • Injuries never help

    Injuries never help when you need to win. It is enough that players get hit in the head and all over their body. But when an injury occurs, it slows down the physical prowess of the team and also the morale. Being the victim of another player hurts other team members as well.

  • The Redskins have a good backup QB, this could actually improve Washington's playoff chances.

    While RG 3's ankle will hurt the Redskins in the short term, in the long run the could really help the Redskins. Not have to prepare for a current opponent will give Robert Griffin the time he need to really learn and under Jon Gruden's offense. Being tossed into the mix as a rookie Griffin has never had the time to study and understand NFL offensive schemes.

  • No, I think the injury will help the Redskins' playoff chances.

    Yes, RG3 was and is still a good quarterback but the back up guy for him, which is now the main quarterback, Cousins, is more comfortable with the team and the team with him. The Redskins' team was still having to get use to RG3. Now, that he is injured, Cousins will be the quarterback and the Redskins' team is comfortable with his method and I think because of that, they actually have a better chance of getting to the playoffs.

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