Will rising inequality become a problem for China?

  • Yes

    Yes, inequalities have and always will cause problems for upcoming nations. Across the globe, nations that have created inequalities among its people have seen revolts in order to fight suppression and restore equality to all its people. Discriminating against gender, social class, or economic status will only cause discomfort and anger to the population.

  • Rising inequality in China will lead to more social unrest

    Rising inequality will become a problem for China because people are already tired of strict state controls on speech, the media, Internet access and education. Rising inequality will make this issues even more apparent as those with less in society will have few ways to voice their frustrations with how the Chinese government runs the country.

  • In time

    Yes, China's economic boom will affect its equality. The wealthy factory owners and businessmen are the recipients of the wealth, not the hordes of underpaid workers. These people will eventually refuse to work in squallor and for such low wages. The wealthy will feel the pressure to think twice about what percentage of the company's profits they shoudl keep and wht they should use to improve pay and conditions.

  • No it never has or will.

    China is a country run so strictly that you breath wrong you will be detained. The reason there is not public outcry being heard overseas is because China is very engaged in knowing what is happening across it's land. They hear of a riot, the Chinese police will be there waiting. Labor is becoming worse treatment then jail time. Simple, replacements for those even less fortunate that will do anything to survive. China is ruthless and a country that lacks the care of it's people. They have the numbers to replace anyone. Sad, but true.

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