Will Rob Kardashian's recent diabetes diagnosis be the incentive he needs to get himself in shape?

  • Yes, he will be motivated to help himself.

    Yes, Rob will be able to use his diagnosis as a tool to improve himself. Being given a concrete diagnosis helps individuals find the structure and guidance they need to help themselves. In fact, it may expose them to others who share the condition and will be able to serve as a support network. Now that Rob can see a picture of how his behavior has hurt his health, he may be able to find a way out.

  • Yes, Health issues make you think about your diet.

    If you face a disease or diagnosis, it makes you think about your food choices and fitness of your body. Diabetes is a diagnosis which results in some dietary restrictions and the person is better off if they start following a fitness routine too. Active bodies fight such diseases in a better way. So, hopefully this diagnosis will make him think about making wise choices for his health.

  • Yes, mass media attention will give him the extra push to get in better shape.

    Yes, I believe Rob Kardashian's recent diagnosis of diabetes will influence him to take better care of his health. The Karashians are a family known for allowing America to be part of all their big life moments, and Rob's diabetes is no exception. With this mass media attention, I believe Rob will be encouraged by fans, other celebrities, and family to take the steps he needs to get in shape. If not, he could face the scrutiny of being a poor example to others with diabetes.

  • No it won't

    I don't think the Kardashian's care about much of anything. I don't think being diagnosed with diabetes will give Rob any incentive to get in shape. It should, but I don't think he will care enough to do anything about it. The Kardashians live on a different planet than most normal people.

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