• Exoskeletons are a great idea.

    Yes. I think once the techniques are practiced and applied, they will be a great resource that is much needed. I know that they have practiced doing exoskeletons on cats, rats, and other animals successfully without any major problems. Once they have the grafting techniques more perfected, I think this will be a great advancement in medical science.

  • Yes robotic exoskeletons will become more popular for paraplegics over time

    Yes robotic exoskeletons become more popular for paraplegics as the cost of the technology is driven down by scale of adoption. The value of exoskeleton technology is well proven and generally well accepted by the community overall. The real hinderance in the adoption process is the cost and lack of insurance coverage for that cost.

  • Yes, robotic exoskeletons will be a key assistant for many paraplegics in the future.

    Yes, robotic exoskeletons will play a major role in the treatment of many paraplegic patients, hopefully in the near future. This is an incredible and awe-inspiring scientific development because paralysis has given so many people a lifetime sentence to a wheelchair, and suddenly, there is this miraculous technology that can provide them with mobility. Although the design is currently incredibly expensive, there will undoubtedly be charitable organizations, particularly for veterans, that will try to help provide as many patients as possible with this new equipment.

  • Yes, they will love the feeling of self mobility again.

    I love how technology like robotic exoskeletons are becoming more popular in the medical field. Some may not like it but a whole bunch of people will. Just being able to walk again would bring them great joy. I think these robotic exoskeletons will be great for anyone who is unable to walk.

  • We're too Theatric

    Apart from the technology evolving and becoming more feasible to use, exoskeletons are not going to find much popularity because of the mere fact that cultural influences define appearances and identity. We are far too theatric and indulged into movie-like, "lubby dubby", concepts which tell people that we should not give ourselves up to technology. Look at all those people that complain about others being too attached to their cell phones. Don't get me wrong, I'm anticipating the use of bionics for out disabled, especially our vetarans returning home,

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