Will robots ever be able to do everything humans can do?

  • What makes us human can be programmed

    The things that make us human can be built into a robot. For example, feelings are just a state of the body. If I feel sad, my brain feels that and acts differently because of it. In a robot this can be simulated. Even if you were to argue that these feelings are not real (and maybe you are right), this does not mean that the robot does not act like it has feelings. For example if you were to say something upsetting to a robot, a subsystem might set the robot state to sad. This will cause all other systems to work a little different (be less enthusiastic etc.). This is of course an over simplification.
    As for creativity, creativity is just the ability to create original things seemingly out of nothing. A robot can try billions of random ideas in its brain and create the ideas that way. Again you might argue that this is not the same as humans do it, but the effect is the same and therefore the robot is able to do the same task as a human.
    To summarize: even though a robot might not always be able to do things the same way as humans, that does not mean that it cannot achieve the same result.

  • Robot will be able to everything human can do one day.

    Robots will be able to do everything humans can do one day.
    They already have robots that can learn of to walk. Robots can already do math
    functions that we are not capable of doing on our own. I think that it
    is pretty clear that they will be on our level one day.

  • Robots ever be able to do everything humans can do

    Yes maybe someday when the world has greatly improved on all the computer and technology that it knows then you may see that robots can be able to do everything humans can do. I am not sure how many years this would take but we are slowly going in this direction.

  • The only computers good enough to match human brains would be biological ones.

    First and foremost, Moore's law is definitely going to break down. The transistors will get so small that electrons will start quantum tunneling and then we've hit the wall. Quantum computers (which are useful for parallel processes, not for speed) won't be able to process fast enough to match human brains. Our only foreseeable alternative is biocomputing, but at point, we aren't really making robots anymore, just organisms. And then there's the ethical issues of having something comparable to a human brain enslaved for computer processes... I say it won't happen.

  • They simply can't

    They just can't do everything a human can do. They can't grow up or reproduce as they don't have the ability to create enough matter in themselves to create another or grow themselves. They also can't have all the mobility or creativity as human as they don't have a brain and may have more knowledge in themselves then any human has ever had and therefore won't be as stupid and take the same risks to advance technology or evolution. As they will think they are perfect they may turn and possibly never evolve.

  • Robots Helpful, but Not Human

    Robots have many potential strengths, and they may one day be able to take over some of the routine tasks human beings do today. However, they will not be able to think creatively, maintain friendships, or be loyal to partners, family, or social relationships. Their best use would be to free up the time of human beings for more interesting pursuits.

  • No Robots Will Not Be Able to Do Everything Humans Can Do

    Although robots will be able to do many mechanical and maybe even some social tasks in human society, robots do not have feelings, they cannot infer or emote and they don't have human hearts or souls. There are tasks that robots are great for, but they are not human and never will be.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-21T03:16:38.587
We can't even build a robot that can build a box with a lid out of 5 pieces of wood, two hinges, with nails and screws, a hammer and screwdriver. A robot has never build a house, even a prefabbed house.

It is very amusing that so many folks think it will happen. Too many science fiction junkies.

Beam me up Scotty.