• Yes they sould

    I strongly believe that robot things will be a part of the world in 10 years, 20 years who knows how many years but one day they will be. Think about right now we have medical robots that are starting to preform surgery which will only advance even more as they have more experience, we have cars who are one day going to be driving themselves. But on the other hand I still answer no that robots are not going to rule the world because we still need humans to do human things. For example I robot is not going to be able to think and make rational decisions as the president of the United States, and if they are that is absolutely crazy. Another example is healthcare workers nurses for example they still have to go help there patients out of bed and maybe give them a bath and I just don't think a robot will be able to capably do that. So just think about it and I think this is why robots won't rule the world yes in 2050 they will be a big part of the world but definitely will not rule the world.

  • Someday

    Robots will probably take over the world someday in the future. Robots have the advantage over humans by being able to live forever, plus they can be way stronger and more resilient. They are immune from disease and can solve problems very quickly with the correct coding and software. They will have no problem taking over.

  • Robot rule the world

    Robot will be a living element one day. Sure they will rule the world because they are getting smarter each day with the input of information to them everyday. We human do not know how to control ourselves and know how to compete to each other and the end the third person get the upper hand

  • They will take over

    Technology is advancing so fast we cannot predict what will come in the next few years. Robots will soon take over jobs, daily tasks, and humans will have less and less to do. Self driving cars are now already being made and who knows what we will create. Just one creation gone wrong could spell the end of humans

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  • Humans are stupid and so nieve

    If you think that AI will not control this planet we call earth, you are a complete moron ( not just dumb...But stupid). It's not will they rule, it's a question of "how" they will rule. Humans, time after time after time etc...Have always created there own demise. We thrive on violence, greed, and always make re-occuring mistakes.We are a living example of manifest destiny of self destruction. We in simple terms are a virus, however without a new host (planet w/ resources) a virus will eventually die, or kill the host while dying out.

    IN SHORT: Emotions ( which makes us human) is our single downfall which "AI" has not., and will be the root of our demise.

  • Robots WILL take over the world

    Look, alphago has beaten the second best go player in the world, Lee Sedol twice already and that shows how smart robots can be. Think about it, it only took a couple years to transform robots into a machine that can beat a human in a very complex board game.

  • Baxter is a robot like a human

    Baxter can go wrong and make more robots to rule the world. And look up Baxter up see what he looks like. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Almost yes yes

    I think that people would loose all there jobs over the fact that people making the robots should know that soon people will be firing all you people because robots will take over your jobs if they where trained right they would be over powering all different jobs for e.g. mining has had robots take over some jobs but with out you relising you soon will get over ruled. From an 11 yr old shianne vincent

  • Robots Aren't Intelligent

    Robots can do so many things, but they just don't have human innovation and intelligence. They are just machines for following directions, so they will only do what a human tells them to. I think humans will always have the upper hand when it comes to robots, so they won't ever take over the world.

  • They shouldn't rule

    Robots weren,t built for purposes like that they were built to help humans with their everyday life. Even though technology will be advanced like that scientists won't do that. They should know that it would cause conflict between humans and robots. Also if robots did get out of hand they would be able to stop it before it is too late.

  • No

    Robots, AI, or whatever other fantasy you have right now; are impossible. An AI must work within parameters, even a sandbox AI must do it, it just has the option to choose which predefined codes it follows. So unless we program an AI to attack or even think about Violence, it will not ever cross it's "mind". Robots, as how I imagine you're imagining them now, will need this AI, which will be written by man.
    Until we can reverse engineer our own brains and recreate it in silicone, none of this will EVER be possible.
    "If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't." - Lyall Watson.
    You can program a program to solve math equations, you can program one to recognize terrain differences, human faces, certain people, but you can NOT program a truly free thinking program; it's just not how it works.
    "If a machine acts as intelligently as human being, then it is as intelligent as a human being." -Alan Turing

  • No They Will Not

    Robots are incapable of thinking for themselves so they will never rule the world. They would have to have a sense of self and intelligent thought in order to be able to do that. They will continue to serve us however we see fit. Their whole intelligence depends on ours so it doesn't make sense they will ever progress out of that.

  • Why do robots need the world

    Even in a future where artificial intelligence exists independent of human control, is self contained and mobile, and can resupply itself with power. Why would robots conquer us and rule earth? With no need for food, air, or water and extremely long lifespans, the universe would be theirs. Much easier to leave us behind and colonize the rest of the solar system while we remain here dreaming of the stars. Truth is space will belong to the robots

  • No no no

    Yes! I know the are smarter than us. But, THINK AGAIN. Who made them? Who programmed them? US, US HUMANS! They need our orders to move or do anything. No matter how smart they are, we CREATED THEM. They even can't think for themselves. Can't produce themselves. IT MEANS THAT THEY DEPEND ON US!

  • Robots can never rule us

    As they can't thinks by themselves, reproduce or work by themselves. Maybe there will be a time when robots will be advanced and have emotions, but they'll never be able to take actions without orders. Just think. If humans died, would robots live? Maybe they'll live longer than us, but their machine will shut down, the world will become a deserted area and there'll be a disaster. They depend on us. They'll never think about such a stupid thing. Just like how a servant depends on its master.

  • Not at all

    Even though they are advantaged over us (living longer, stronger, etc.) and are smarter and can process information faster, they are programmed to help us and unless they are programmed otherwise, they will continue to do so. It is true they will have no problem taking over, but nothing will give the motivation to do so. They rely on us for their existence, so they shouldn't, wouldn't and couldn't go against us.

  • Screw robots we will know when they'll be a threat so we can destroy them

    Die robots I would rather then have my jobs done by robots. Just think of how the world will be if the take over this world. Let's go and destroy their balls off before they can do it to us. I mean just its awful it's like slavery. I do not want to live in a world like this

  • God on our side

    They will not take over this world without us fighting and God will help us to he didn't just make this planet for it to go to waste and if they try to there going to start a war humans God vs technology and probably the devil So No they will not rule over us

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