• Yes they will

    Some say no because they will always be someone to manage, To maintain and to crate them but in my opinion one day they will replace us in the majority of the job so for me it is a yes.

    Clément Rodriguez--Biedermann 2SN. . . . . .

  • Yes they will

    For me the robots take the job of humans because the robots are more competent than humans. I think robots are faster with tasks than humans because there is a program for that and the robots cost less than humans because robots do not need to be paid a salary.
    Enzo LONGHI

  • Yes They Will

    I may only be thirteen but we should already know by now that robots are indeed going to take out jobs in the very near future, I mean we already have self driving cars, And Google and Alexa witch turns on lights for us. What is next? Flying cars? There's already drone's that deliver our take away, It's not long and we will all most likely be sitting at home with no job because of the robots.

  • No they won't

    For me it is impossible to look robots working in place of humans in the future because I think humans will proclaim their displeasure and I think robots will therefore not replace humans, But it is also a question of money paid a human for his work costs less than to buy a robot at the present time, So that's why robots won't replace humans.
    Benat 2°SN

  • No they don't

    If a robot takes the place of a human the unemployment rate will only increase and employment will decrease so people will have more difficulty in making money and in living.
    On the other hand, If the robots take our work, The pollution could decrease or even increase.

    Arrault Maxence 2SN

  • No they won't

    I think that robots will not take our jobs because the human utility is essential for life, For example the police job is so hard for the IA robot, All robots are developped by humans. In conclusion, For me, The robot does not take human jobs.
    Lilian Jambard 2 SN

  • No they won't

    "the future" is vague. There's an infinity of years ahead of us. Almost anything could happen in that time. But I know you mean in the near future. Robots' ability to adapt are not currently on par with humans. We have self-driving cars, But why do companies still hire drivers? Because self-driving cars need to be repaired, And robots have not shown the ability to properly repair themselves in the way humans can. And at this rate, It doesn't seem like they will be able to repair themselves as well as humans can for another 100 years at least, At which point I'll be dead, And the company I worked for may not even be in business at that time. Meaning the robots will not have taken my job. There will most likely never be self-driving ambulances because if a self-driving ambulance had a malfunction then lives would be at stake. Robots will not be taking jobs from healthcare workers either it seems.

  • No they won't

    Robots may replace us for low-skilled jobs or tasks where decision-making isn't necessary, But humans will get less tiring job, They will supervise robots. Besides, When robots become the norm, Most humans will be free from work : companies will still be productive as the robots will perform the tasks, And so make profit. Governments will have to implement universal income (thanks to the increase of taxation of companies making profit and not having to pay salaries) and we, Humans, Will have plenty of time to paint, Cook, Be with our family, Read and so on. Some of us will work 10 hours a week for extra-money.

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