• This is not MAJOR surgey

    I do think Roman Reigns will be the same wrestler after returning from his unfortunate surgery. He's only scheduled to be out of action for up to a couple of months and should be good to go afterwords. I, personally do not look at that as a major operation and therefore, he shouldn't have to change his in-ring style at all.

  • It's not real anyways.

    Yes, Roman Reigns will be the same WWE wrestler after undergoing surgery, because we all know that the WWE isn't real. The WWE isn't sport, it is theater. They decide who is going to win ahead of time, and the story lines are silly and contrived. They will write whatever plot they want to happen.

  • Yes, Roman Reigns will bounce back after surgery.

    Yes, Roman Reigns will continue to reign supreme among wrestlers. This surgical debacle is only a minor setback in his illustrious career. Any wrestling fan would agree that Roman's strength, fortitude, and willpower will certainly overcome this temporary obstacle. He is receiving the best of medical care and, with the support of his fans, will return soon.

  • WWE star Roman Reigns rushed to hospital for emergency surgery

    Roman Reigns, one of the WWE’s most popular stars, was scheduled to face former Shield teammate Seth Rollins at Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, but the match will likely be cancelled after Reigns required emergency surgery Saturday. announced the news Saturday afternoon, but did not give an update on Reigns’ condition.

  • Chances Are No

    If Reigns was rushed to surgery the day before a major PPV event, then it would have been a very serious issue. Reigns is relatively young in the business, so there is plenty of time for him to adapt and figure out what works for him. But the reality is that this health issue derailed his push, and there is always a chance that he will have to alter his work model.

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