• Her record is 12-1

    With only one loss in 13 bouts it is obvious that Rhonda will come back. With her aggressive and competitive nature she will be back in the gym as soon as possible. Miss Rousey will be even more determined to continue her domination in MMA. Even Holly Holm didn't think she had a chance in this fight. It was a momentary lapse in Rhonda's defense that enabled Holm's to land a lucky kick.

  • Ronda Rousey rocks!

    Of course Rousey will bounce back. We've seen her do so before. She is a strong woman and that kind of women always bounce back. Aside from her fighting skills, her training she is a woman with a strong head on her shoulders and I am sure this is just a temporary thing.

  • Yes, one loss does not mean the end of her career.

    Ronda Rousey has competed at the highest levels as both an amateur and professional athlete. While she wasn't prepared adequately for this match, she can learn a few lessons from it to improve for her next fight. She has more experience as a grappler from her years in judo. She needs to work on her boxing skills to defeat someone like Holly Holm, who is a boxer first and grappler second.

  • Yes, Ronda Rousey will bounce back from her loss.

    Ronda Rousey seems to be a great athlete and a very strong woman. Based on her past fight experiences and her recent call to fame, I definitely believe she will bounce back. A person who has achieved so much and has reached such a level as her would not just give up and quit.

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