Will rookie forward Julius Randle's broken leg have an effect on the LA Lakers' gameplay this season?

  • Julius Randle's broken leg and broken season

    Julius Randle's broken leg will have a huge effects on the LA Laker's season. He was the teams top draft pick and was instrumental in the teams season. Luckily for him, it is early in the season so he should be able to recover and come back to play before the season is over. By then, it might be too late for the Laker's to have a good finish to their season.

  • The rookies horrific injury may have a mental impact upon the whole team.

    It was supposed to be a great season opener for the LA Lakers as well as their rookie, Julius Randle. However everything did not went according to the plan, and the Lakers top draft, landed awkwardly during the fourth quarter resulting in broken leg. It's a nightmare for any rookie and no one wants to start their career in this manner. It will surely create a negative impact on team's morale and may affect their performances in upcoming games.

  • Kobe Is Still The Key

    While it is certain that the Lakers need to get younger and need to develop more pieces, the only player that really matters is Kobe Bryant. A healthy, productive Kobe will have the most significant effect on the Lakers in 2014-2015. The biggest issue going forward for the Lakers is the 2016 off-season, when one Kevin Durant becomes a free agent.

  • No, rookie, Julius Randle's injury is not going to effect the Lakers this season.

    The Lakers' are a going to feel the loss of this new team member, for sure. However, he is not the only critical part of their success as a team. These men can rally together and fight for the win. They are not set-up to fail by the loss of one just one, but can rise to the challenge. Have faith Laker fan's, it's not over!

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