• Good for him

    Rupert Murdoch's engagement to Jerry Hall is their personal decision. Even if both are public figures and no matter whatever they do they will always be under the public scanner, however, forecasting a relationships success or failure is not possible. The best part about the news though is that if it does work out they would be a power couple.

  • Murdoch and Hall's engagement will last because they balance each other

    Yes, Murdoch and Hall's engagement will last for some time. They have been dating for months, and they seem happy in public.They seem to enjoy each other's company and are thinking about their future together. The only obstacle at this point appears to be the mockery generating on social media regarding news of the engagement. People find their relationship opportunistic. The couple could have a long engagement and prove the doubters wrong.

  • Rubert and Jerry will not last.

    Both of these people have been married before. This will be the fourth marriage for Rubert and the second for Jerry. They have 10 children between them. I think our society no longer takes marriage seriously. Instead of "until death do us part" for many it is "until we do not agree on something." I do not think this marriage will be any different. I give it 2 years.

  • No, this celebrity couple will not survive the media attention

    Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall recently announced their engagement; though together a few months, I do not think this relationship will last the attention they are receiving now with this announcement. Their 25 year age difference will increase the negativity they are receiving. I do not think their relationship is strong enough to last past a few more months.

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