• Russia's hard power.

    Russia today is more than willing to expand its influence through hard power. The people of Russia are more than willing to suffer for the status of superpower. When a people are willing to suffer for greatness, the leaders have a freehand. Empires are forged in such manners. Actually, that is exactly how the USSR was formed. Well,more of less.

  • Putin is a genius.

    Russia will rise to its great power again under Putin, after the fall of the wall, Russian Nationalism was destroyed , Putin has restored the Russian Nationalism. The people love him and Crimea wasn't invaded, they took a vote and 97% voted for joining the Russia, when he signed the treaty, the Parliament gave him a standing ovation. As mentioned above they supply Europe with l 1/3rd of the natural gas/crude oil. They will and are mighty again.

    I am currently studying comparative politics that goes over all the major countries political system .

  • Russia Will Rise

    Russia will become a super power once again. The most important factor with respect to Russia reaching super power status is its economy. Russia has a wealth of natural resources and an abundance of labor and service providers, but they will need to make political changes to encourage investment and economic development.

  • Russia already is a superpower

    It's a misconception that Russia is no longer a superpower now that the Soviet Union has collapsed. What most don't realize is Russia still has all the resources and trained manpower they need. Those things didn't suddenly disappear with communism. After the 90's, the economy of Russia greatly improved and is on par with the United States.

  • Russian Federation is a young nation.

    America lost many of his potential after the vietnam war and they never recovered the world respect, so not every one in world respect America like before. Russia is a young country, and it tries to recover the Tsarist Russia glorious past, and the people respect the Russian Federation.Putin after all reject the ideas of communism and USSR, because he said it once:"Anyone who doesn't regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains." When we say about power ,power is not weapons or army, power is wisdom and intelligence and countries like Russia and Japan can be the future of the world. Hope we have a peaceful and a prosperous new age.

  • I believe, that yes!

    Despite the crisis Russia suffered between 2013 and 2016, it is already recoverring from it, and it problably will have another time of economic prosperity soon. Russia is also China´s bigguest ally and with China´s rapid ascension and the possibility of her becoming the world´s stronguest power by 2050, Russia would beneficiate strongly with its close relations with China.

  • It is a natural Superpower

    1. Russian culture has lower dependency on west.
    2. Russia still has lots of potential from oil reserves to Proton Rockets.
    3. Putin is following steps of Soviet Union but not making any mistake what USSR did.
    4. Putin knows how to react and treat other countries.
    5. Russia's tie up with China is certainly a ringing bell of cold war.

    Russia will be superpower but yes it will take time.

  • History tells us that russia with China will win

    Why they will win .America is the biggest lier the world has ever seen you just have to look at there history they killed Kennedy for trying to get troops out of vetiam and just look what they did to Libya Iraq and trying to do in Syria and there is 9.11

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  • Russia is a great power since Peter the Great

    Mongolians,Romans, Ottoman Empire,Napoleopn and Hitler, none o them won Russia and no one will except the Russians themselves. Its because they alone know how to fight and live in their terrific climate. The USA, a superpower? A superpower for gays and lesbians, Superpower for Prostitute US media. In military? Not beter than Russians. In Economy?The chinese are there. In space research? NASA lied Armstrong has been to moon. Its the Russians who did it first. The US is a real super power in stealing ,lying and eating other country's resources. Scientists? They are Europeans and not real US breed. US universities? Only for rich and elites. Their top rankings are made only by US standards which itself is decadent. Go to hell , i mean USA.

  • Russia is nothing but a bug on the world's arm.

    The Russian economy is smaller than the State of Texas's economy. The next Superpower will be either the People's Republic of China, India, or Australia. Putin is a psychotic idiot, that is also a totalitarian dictator with not international power. The Crimea Succession to Russia Vote had no ligament votes, they all leaned towards joining Russia. Russia distorted its International relationship with the International community because he broke International Law by invading Crimea.

  • Do you realize how corrupt Russia is?

    Russia may be able to seize power quickly (as they have done in Crimea, for example), but, in the long run, they will not become a "superpower." The reason for this is simple: Russia itself is not a stable country. It is a country run by money. Bribes and cheating are accepted realities. Money can get you far fast, but it cannot sustain a country (especially not such an enormous country) for long.

  • “Russia is regional power”

    Although i don’t like Obama as a president, must admit he has a great sense of humor.
    Russia is not even regional power. It’s economy smaller than Australian one, soon it will be smaller than indonesian and mexican economies. Moreover, there is no such thing as russian economy. Russia doesn’t produce anything, it just export natural resources (70% of incomes of russian budget is from oil and gas sale). In 2014, when oil prices fell, russian economy was on the brink of collapse. Only large money reserves saved russia from fate of Venezuela.
    Russia is new sick man of Europe, it can’t even maintain status of regional superpower:
    -failed to invade Ukraine. Ukrainian army stopped russia and now conflict is looks more like trench warfare. Putin can’t leave Ukraine because it means lose of public suppurt in his country, neither he can renew the conflict, russian economy and western pressure can’t allow it to happend.
    -Turkey do whatever it want. Russia just fears Turkey, it’s economy sooner or later will overtake russian in terms of GDP. Not to mention that Turkey controls Bosporus and has stronger fleet than russian black sea fleet to be able to block it if they need.
    -Even russian “alies” starting to look for new economic partners. For example Belarus is want EU to lift sanction, so they can trade with EU and have economic benefits, which they can’t have with russia due to russian weak economy.
    Putin’s russia is failed state, which have no chance to become even regional power.

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  • It is russia's destiny to be a superpower.

    Russia has potential and it will be realized. It has a trained and disciplined man power with resources. Past greatness is a motivating factor, that is why despite western sanctions the people are united with their president. Syrian operation has demonstrated revival of their military which is efficient. They have a able leadership to reclaim their glory.

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  • The USSR is DEAD.

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  • Russia to become a failed State

    Never again will Russia become a Superpower. Primarily it lacks an economy. A corrupt leadership and government are interested only in their own wealth and not that of their people. It is certain that the end of the Putin's era is in the very near future. The West gave Russia the chance to advance and succeed after the turmoil and collapse of the Soviet Union. No new propaganda would ever be able to restore this nation as a superpower. Certainly the Russians needed leadership to rebuilt their country. This regime is no better than the former Soviet government and is already doomed. China will never trust the Russians as is well known. They have become one of world's strongest economies. As a result of the sanctions put on Russian from the West, Russia will never get back on their feet until their government is reformed. This would take 50 plus years and then a miracle at that. Much more could be said of course.

  • Russia and its greed and corruption will forever be they're downfall

    Russia will as it has in the past collapse on itself. It lacks the intelligence, population, wealth, influence and organization to come close to a superpower.
    China is getting hungry for land as they are expanding at a rapid rate. It wont be long til they turn on them and nab they're empty baron land which will be prime real estate shortly..

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