Will Russia succeed in dividing Europe, as Bulgaria claims it is trying to do?

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  • I don't think Russia can devide Europe.

    While Russia may come close to dividing Europe I don't think it will be able to in the end. There are many alliances and much politics involved in Russia's attempts in Syria but the European Union will remain strong and appose any serious divisions produced by Russia and it's immediate allies.

  • Russia may want to, but it won't succeed.

    Russia has grand plans for dividing and conquering the world, it always did and it always will. That doesn't mean it will succeed. What the Russian politicians don't realize is that the rest of the world has access to the internet and no one is forced to listen to state propaganda anymore. Russia can try to divide Europe, but Europe's citizens are more aware of international politics and shenanigans than ever before.

  • Russia will not divide Europe

    Even though Bulgaria claims that Russia will succeed in dividing up Europe, Russia will not be successful because any moves to do so will be seen as a declaration of war to the large western powers of Europe (Great Britain, Germany, France) and the United States. This would cause World War 3, which Russia is not trying to have happen.

  • There can only be limited success.

    Russia's attempts to cause problems throughout Europe will be successful in some cases. In places such as Latvia and Ukraine, the high proportion of ethnic Russians make disruption easy. However, in western Europe where countries are drawn together by NATO and the European Union it will be much more difficult for Russia to make waves.

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