• Yes, I think Saket Soni is a good leader.

    Yes, I think Saket Soni is a good leader. I think he has wonderful ideas about changing things in this world for the better. People need good guidance and he can give that out to whomever needs it. I love how dedicated he is to his cause its very inspiring in many ways.

  • I'm not sure

    I'm not sure about this. Obviously the goal is for Saket Soni to make a difference in India and I think the current climate is affable. Its one of those situations where you just do the best you can and hope for a good outcome. I'm not sure what that outcome will be. Time will tell.

  • India is just terrible

    Average income is less than 2000 USD a year, literacy is at 65%, life expentancy is 65 years, healthcare is barely available, cities are overcrowded and the country is being threatened with a collapsed failed state like pakistan. You could give india trillions of dollars for free and all indian politicans would do is just use it to buy lavish houses. India is a failed nation

  • Labor from India will continue

    Due to the global expansion and global nature of business practices, the laboring workforce provided in India and loaned to other countries will continue to be utilized. Businesses have recognized and implemented external contract employees to cut down on the overall operating budgets. This may seem good to those wanted the highest returns and profit, but it undermines the value of employees and creates fear of losing a job to someone who will do it for less.

  • No,l I don't think he will.

    He works mostly for the United States immigrants and doesn't have much to do with India. He focuses on the labor market in this country and is working to better the environment for everyone. I don't see how his contribution here could have anything to do with India even though he is Indian

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