• They are famous.

    For all the people that are condemning Charlie Hebdo, there are millions more that agree with what they did. Look at the sales record of the first issue following the attacks. It was off the charts. Those who criticize them tend to by sympathetic to Islam. They will continue to have an audience because they stood up for what they believe.

  • Charlie Hebdo sales will see a spike for the next few issues then level off to slightly higher levels than before.

    Ever since the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine based in Paris, over all sales went up. This was the exact opposite of what the terrorists tried to accomplish and shows that sales for this satire magazine will continue to increase, much to show the terrorists they will not be silenced or bow to fear and violence.

  • Yes, I think so

    The Charlie Hebdo incident has represented a lot of things to many people. The most being that no one should be killed because they happen to have a different opinion than others. Another being that we have terrorist organizations that need to be taken care of and dealt with immediatly.

  • It Will Blow Over

    As an American I do not think the sales will continue to rise for Charlie Hedbo. As a global society we would be better off to seek out peaceful ways to unite. We shouldn't be gawking over ways to offend others. Charlie Hebdo has its place, but it shouldn't be praised without question.

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UtherPenguin says2015-01-15T21:29:48.867
The shootings and condemnation made Charlie Hebdo known internationally now so sales from abroad would increase due to increased publicity.