• Yes, It has been proven so.

    As discovered in the most well-researched study on family structure ever, Mark Regnerus of University of Texas, children of homosexual parents:

    -Are more likely to be currently cohabiting
    -Are almost 4 times more likely to be currently on public assistance
    -Are less likely to be currently employed full-time
    -Are more than 3 times more likely to be unemployed
    -Are nearly 4 times more likely to identify as something other than entirely heterosexual
    -Are 3 times as likely to have had an affair while married or cohabiting
    -Are an astonishing 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver."
    -Are nearly 4 times as likely to have been "physically forced" to have sex against their will
    -Are more likely to have "attachment" problems related to the ability to depend on others
    -Use marijuana more frequently
    -Smoke more frequently
    -Watch TV for long periods more frequently
    -Have more often plead guilty to a non-minor offense

    This study proved once and for all that there is a difference with homosexual parents and that having them marry and raise children will damage the family.

  • yes it will

    I have learned in my life for many relations to work sacrifices need to be made. When something happens and starts breaking apart your family you need to sacrifice it. When two people want to marry and there family is not happy with it, it starts breaking families apart. When same sex happens than chances of that family continuing decrease. Two males cannot have kids and neither can two females.

  • It's not our place to redefine what God has instituted

    I think that the debate about marriage has many aspects, but can be mostly split up into two ways of thinking: religious and social. From a religious standpoint, the first commandment ever given to the human race was to Adam and Eve concerning there marriage and their God given procreative power. Regardless of what technological advancements might have taken place since then, humans were never physiologically designed to procreate with members of the same gender. It is unnatural, and it is impossible. People will challenge that argument on the grounds that traditional marriage partners are also sometimes infertile. That is true, but it is irrelevant if we return to the base fact that God has declared that marriage is between a man and a woman. No amount of personal desire, government legislation or sociopolitical agenda can change what God has declared. In a society where people mock God at every opportunity, and obey close to none of His commandments, I understand that supporting an argument from a religious background holds no advantage. In that case, we can reference the social ramifications of same sex marriages. First and foremost, we need to remember that the abuse of children emotional and physical by members of traditional families is not accepted by anyone. Two wrongs don't make a right. The damage and negative effects of same sex marriage on children is not acceptable on the grounds that similar or worse damage can be found in traditional families. All people will stand accountable before God for the discharge of their sacred duties as parents, and where there is abuse in this life, there will be justice in the next. That being said, we should fight to make the lives of children better regardless of what kind of home they come from. I'm not sure that at this point we can rely on social science literature concerning the effects of same sex marriage on children. Like all experiments, only time will show the long term effect, for better or for worse. What I do know, is that the best possible opportunity that children have for success in life, comes from a home with two parents, man and woman, married and striving to be like God. This creates an environment of love and growth.

  • It hurts the children.

    Imagine being a straight child raised by gay parents. It is known that children tend to reflect their parents in terms of many things such as religion and political affiliation. For the most part, children view the ways of the people who raised them as being normal. Also, most kids want their parents to be proud of them. This could cause a serious identity crisis. The conflicting desires of fitting in with family and fitting in with friends could cause them stress and confusion over what their preference really is.
    The bigger problem is the negative effects of not having a father or mother. Boys raised in households without a father are far more likely to fail in school, commit violent crimes, be part of a gang, and do drugs. Girls without mothers tend to have difficulties as well. Every statistic shows that households with a mother and father produce the best children, regardless of class, race, or religion.

  • The foundation of society is the family.

    Any deviation from the perfect plan outlined by the Creator of the World necessarily weakens the outcome. First off, God does not recognize the union of a same-sex couple. Second, there is no way for a same-sex couple to procreate. If they do adopt a child, that child will necessarily be damaged, because there are special relationships that develop between children and their mother and father. If a child has two mothers, there will be a lack in the bonds that should have been formed with the father. The same is true of a two father family. There is ample proof of these facts in single parent families.

  • Are most same sex marriages/relationships not people with socialistic views?

    The hatred gays/lesbians/homosexuals etc. displays towards heterosexuals is a concern. Seeing how hateful they can be towards others different than themselves is strange, how is it they are feeling they are better than heterosexuals who are against same sex relationships? I thought hatred is hatred no matter where is comes from. Adults hating others effects children no matter where the hatred comes from. This means children raised in same sex relationships can be exposed the same way as children in opposite sex relationships to hatred towards others who are not like their family. Where is the difference? Is hatred towards others in same sex relationships better/more worthy/a more acceptable hatred than hatred towards others in opposite sex relationships? It almost looks that way.

    Are we at a point where hatred from one group directed at another group it the right hatred because the first group have gained value and the second group has lost value.

    If gays want accept from heterosexuals they better stop the hatred they display. Heterosexual women are falling over themselves in order to support these groups. One can also wonder if more women are in the closet, not looking for shoes.

    Damn socialism have a way to screw people up. Socialists want free speech but only for them, if you are not a socialist you can just shut your mouth or else.

  • Yes, same-sex marriage will damage the family

    The history of marriage in NSW, Australia showed that marriages were only recorded in The Church of England and other denominations from1788-1856. The legal registry was only established for the legitimacy of children and inheritance. The Australian Marriage Act supported the religious practice of marriage and divorce, not the other way round. Same-sex marriage changes marriage into a homosexual union (anal and oral sexual behaviours) which both same-sex and heterosexual couples can practice. The sexual union between a man and woman which can reproduce biological children becomes irrelevant or optional in legal marriage as same-sex couples are unable to practice this sexual behaviour. Marriage is a sexual union, otherwise we would call it friendship or a business partnership. Same-sex couples sexual union doesn't reproduce biological children which isn't equivalent to a sexual union between a man and woman which can reproduce biological children. If everyone practiced a homosexual union then our society would cease to exist. I only have my church marriage certificate which I have been able to change my name etc. If the legal and religious marriages have a different meaning then my culture, religion and family history don't require me to have my marriage legally recognised. We can celebrate marriages like baptisms and confirmation without getting them legally recognised. Same-sex marriage destroys the cornerstone of our society because we no longer have unity on the true meaning of marriage. Marriage equality means everyone will have a mental health problem in order to gain equal access to the mental health services.

  • Yes because it is family

    How can we say that it damages the family it is because without a family you would not be here today you yourself is a product of a family that is a very must needed of our society no both male or female can produce a child that can prove that it damages the family it is like giving a confusion to the children and they will be questionable on whom will they call father or mother

  • Yes, no questions about it.

    There is only 1 type of marriage that makes natural sense. Even if you are not religious, you have to agree that same sex couples do not have the matching anatomy to create a family. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, which promotes the nuclear family. There are no benefits in having same sex couples as parents. The reason Christians are so strongly against same sex marriage is the same reason they oppose racism. A person's sexual orientation and race are sacred gifts from God at birth, and are not a choice. Christians do not believe you should violate an individuals ethnicity or sexuality because they hold these things sacred.

  • Everyone who thinks that it can, needs to talk with an adult.

    If you have a religious argument against you should not use it as this is a government matter, this is simply a legal document that ensures that both people are legally bind to the responsibility of shared mortage and children raising. If they wanted they can have their own children-if they want to adopt you should be thanking them, unlike most people they don`t want their own DNA, they want to give abounded children a chance. And for the first answer on the left-HOW is there a study on homosexual couple children- in America they legalized it yesterday- and since its from Texas-no comment.

  • What is the family?

    It is ridiculous. Every family is different. People need to stop interfering in other peoples business and let people live their lives. What about single parent families? What is 'normal'? These same arguments were used 50 years ago against interracial marriage. We have evolved, people are different, get over it!

  • Hitler vs Judy Garland

    I do not think that sex marriages damage family's, Now in modern society people are more okay with same-sex couples with children. But most people still believe that it will damage the child, or the child will have Warped views about marriage. I cannot believe that this is true perfect example Hitler was raised by two straight parents, He grew up with a nice mommy and daddy had a normal childhood and then went on to cause one of the world's greatest disasters . Then you have Judy Garland she played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz , Her grandfather was gay, This had no permanent damage or effect on Judy I do not believe that this fact her grandfather was gay did anything wrong to her psyche or made her think any less of herself . Family is the people that love the people that you are around and that help you , and support you in any way . If having a mother and father could be considered family or of having just a mother is considered family or just a father ,than having tow mothers or two fathers considered the same thing .

  • No

    For the person who said yes. They have artificial insemination and surrogate mothers. I have a guy friend who was raised by two mothers and he turned out just fine. He just married his high school sweet her and they're expecting a baby and he married a female. My friend loved his two mothers and they were great parents and in reality only one of them had him because she was married to a man when she got pregnant.

  • Hate is Not a Family Value

    Hate is not a family value. Same-sex marriage will, if anything, make the American family unit stronger. Imagine all of the abandoned children from heterosexual relationships that can be adopted by homosexual couples. The wedding industry will skyrocket due to more wedding ceremonies. More honeymoons will take place as venues cater to gay couples. Everyone wins with same-sex marriage, especially when the relationship is all about love.

  • No same sex marriage will not damage the family

    It is an absurd notion that because gays or lesbians are allowed to marry whom they love as straight people are allowed to, that it will somehow damage the family unit. It is no basis at all in reality. Your marriage is your own, personal and unique to you and your partner. To say that because two other strangers whom you don't know can somehow impact your relationship, is to say that yours was never that strong to begin with. It is just a ridiculous notion, propagated by the religious zealots of the world who are so quick to judge anyone and anything that goes against what they have been taught to believe.

    It is no real threat to the family at all, and if anything will open the door for more families to form, thereby strengthening the overall family unit in the long term.

  • No, the idea of same sex marriages ruining the family dynamic is a myth

    The argument that making same sex marriages legal would somehow damage the dynamic of the American family is a myth propagated by the right wing and opponents of gay rights. A loving family, whether gay, straight or indifferent, can not damage anything, let alone damage other families. There is zero merit or proof to this argument, and it is just a means to continue to deny people of their rights for political and religious reasons.

  • Same sex marriage will strengthen families

    Same sex couples exist. It's a fact. Allowing those couples to marry legally protect those couples and any children those couples adopt. A family with legal protection is stronger than one without legal protection.

    As to traditional heterosexual families, well, same sex marriage affects those families exactly as much as changes to the migratory patterns of Antarctic penguins.affect them. You're just not going to see a whole bunch of families breaking up just because the parents decided to test out same-sex partners instead. It's ridiculous.

  • Not more or less than already done.

    The family unit is best, in my opinion, with two functional and well balanced parents. The gender isn't relevant nor the socioeconomical class of the parents. What's important is the parents are balanced. This means they are both able, to an extent, be involved and not one working 80 hours while one is at home, or both working all the time. Children thrive with two role-models. This is not to discredit functional single parent families but it is to be noted.

    The American Psychological Association is one of many studies that believe gay and lesbian households have no less likelihood of successful parenting than heterosexual ones. Essentially, no better or no worse. Referenced here http://www.Apa.Org/news/press/response/gay-parents.Aspx

  • LGBT people want and respect their kids more than others

    While many people in "average" marriages care for kids and each other well, LGBT's often do it better. Most of the time, the "average" couple has sex, and that sometimes leads to a childbirth. However, a LGBT couple can't and will adopt a kid, and take care of it very well, as they have planned for it, and it isn't "out-of-the-blue".

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