Will "San Andreas" become the highest grossing disaster film of all time?

  • Yes, I think San Andreas will be the top grossing disaster film

    Yes, I do think that "San Andreas" will likely pull in bigger box office numbers than any other disaster film in history. Of course, that does not pit it against particularly formidable competition, but I think the combination of Dwayne Johnson's star power and unusually high quality effects and CGI will translate to very good word of mouth.

  • "San Andreas" will not be the most successful disaster film of all time.

    "San Andreas" will not be very successful, and will not be the most successful disaster film of all time. While the previews have been somewhat exciting, the public is somewhat fed up with over-the-top disaster flicks. The Rock really doesn't pull the crowds that would need to be present to make the money to take a movie like this over the top.

  • No, "San Andreas" will not become the top grossing disaster film.

    No, "San Andreas" will not become the highest grossing movie of all time. Although disaster films have a history of performing very well at the box office, I do not believe this film will top the list. It would be a very difficult feat to beat "Independence Day" which is a disaster film that grossed over $300 million. Even more recent successful disaster films such as "World War Z" and "2012" did not make as much money as "Independence Day." While the trend suggests disaster movies make more money each year, I still doubt that "Independence Day" will be beat - from a monetary point of view.

  • San Andreas will not be the record breaking disaster movie of all time.

    While initial reviews of San Andreas, the upcoming film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, have not been kind, the film will still see moderate box office success. Because the reviews and initial word of mouth are not going to help bring in further viewers, the financial windfall is not going to happen for the film.

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