Will sanctions against Russia and Ukraine work in stopping the crisis in Crimea?

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  • Russia is not the problem, overthrowing the people Crimea elected is the problem.

    The fact of the matter is, Crimea is an area that voted overwhelmingly for Yanukovych in the last couple of elections. And for good reason: the people of Crimea benefited heavily from Yanukovych's policies including the strong relationship with Russia that he maintained as President. No wonder there was no resistance to Russia's annexation from native Crimeans. They had just been annexed by a rich, politically stable country, that hasn't had a coup in the past year. The same cannot be said for Ukraine, who just had a minority of the country overthrow an elected leader just for the fact that they wanted to be a part of the EU. These violent (not to mention fascist) "protesters" caused the problem. If anyone should be subjected to sanctions, it should be them. Just because the western media is in a Vendetta against Russia doesn't mean our foreign policy should reflect that.

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