• Yes, Sanders' supporting base is strong enough.

    Yes, Bernie Sanders will probably have enough money to fund his presidential campaign. Sanders has a very strong grassroots network of contributors across the country. While Sanders may not have as many millionaire supporters as his opponent Hillary Clinton, the volume of individual contributions that he receives eventually add up.

  • Sanders will have enough money to fund his campaing

    Many people believe that Bernie Sanders is a good candidate for the US president. I think that many organizations will support him, because according to many people, he is an amazing candidate. I have seen a lot of people say only good things about him. So, because all of that, I think he will have enough money to fund his campaign.

  • Doesn't Even Want Money.

    Sanders will have enough money for his campaign because he has built a platform where he doesn't need it. He is a candidate that is vehemently against unnecessary spending and has made it his mission to disown those types of practices. Money doesn't necessarily make a campaign successful. If you really have something meaningful to say people will listen...maybe.

  • Fundraise like Obama

    Bernie Sanders has the same model Barak Obama had, millions of smaller contributions from a lot of people. While super PAC money is good, the smaller donations are actually an indicator that a candidate has broad support. These people will keep giving in smaller amounts, meaning he ends up with the same as larger contributions.

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