• Yes, Sanders' petition will go through

    Sanders' petition will go through. Bernie Sanders opposes this deal, and Secretary Clinton said that she opposes the deal too. So does virtually every labor union, environmental group, and even major religious groups. The Democratic Party must go on record in opposition to holding a vote on the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress and beyond. The petition must passed , if not , it will further hurt consumers and cost American jobs. So we must stop it together.

  • No hope for Sanders' petition

    Bernie Sanders made headlines again when he protested a trade deal by creating a petition to block it. The firebrand from Vermont has hopes of creating a revolution with his controversial opinions, but this petition is dead in the water. He had his moment in the sun but his popularity is fast waning.

  • No, the Sanders petition against the trade deal will not go through.

    Bernie Sanders' petition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will not likely be approved by the Democratic National Convention's platform committee. The Democratic Party's establishment has long supported free trade deals. Bill Clinton was a major advocate for NAFTA. Hillary Clinton began the negotiations for the TPP trade deal while secretary of state. The party's powerful political class will most likely support the trade deal.

  • No, his petition will not go through

    Bernie Sanders doesn't have friends. He has quite a few hopeful college students who love the idea of free schooling and want a radical dude like Sanders to win, but within the political network that he exists, he has managed to successfully ostracize himself. This will lead to him not successfully passing anything. Ever.

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